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In what could have been the most titillating news ever, proud and brave model Niki Ghazian, tells all, this time she got wise and confessed to News of the World  the most exciting passionate romp she spent with Cristiano Ronaldo in the first few days he was in LA. Apparently, the protective rubber boots he wore for his ankle surgery pose no problem at all.

Niki said: “It was restricted—but we made the best of a bad job and when you are in bed with the world’s most gorgeous man you’ll forgive him anything.

“I’d be lying if I said the boot didn’t get in the way—but the rest of his his body was incredible. He really took my breath away.

“He didn’t want to put any weight on his right leg, so he stayed on the bed resting his ankle while I moved around. It was the most amazing night ever.”

Niki further revealed the events leading to the romp and how she caught Ronaldo’s eye wearing a hot pink very short dress and how every girl who was at the Villa that night were giving her the evil eye when she came up to him and said hello.

“He’s the hottest thing to hit town for ages. All night there was a mob of hot girls surrounding him—but I could feel his eyes on me,” said Niki.

This is the place where the “Paris Hilton Incident” also happened and when all the revelry died down Cristiano invited Niki to his plush Beverly Hills Hotel.

“We were just chatting at first. I told him he was my favourite footballer in the world and Liverpool’s Fernando Torres was second. He didn’t look too pleased about this though and seemed to roll his eyes when I mentioned Torres.

“I went to the bathroom and when I left him he was in a shirt and trousers. But a few minutes later he hobbled in without knocking, wearing nothing but a tiny pair of Emporio Armani tight underpants and his ankle boot.

“He started to kiss me before leading me to the bedroom. It wasn’t the most graceful manoeuvre—he had to hobble about because of his boot, but he still looked gorgeous.

“Cristiano laid on the bed while I took my dress off. I wasn’t wearing a bra and when I stood before him naked he seemed to like my body. Then we made out and it was the most amazing night ever—even though he was really worried about his ankle.

“Several times throughout the night he put some kind of ice pack down his boot to ease the swelling. He was desperate not to put it in jeopardy. But he did his best to make sure it did not bash me though and thanks to his athleticism he was able to control his foot just fine.

“He was adamant his boot would stay on whatever happened.”

Niki has no regrets whatsoever about spending the night with Ronaldo and she loved every minute of it.

“He is an amazing lover and I am just glad I could help show him a good time in LA.”

Remember the brunette girl Ronaldo met up in a bar the night he snubbed Paris Hilton, well, she was blogging to the world what really happened that night and The Dirty got the scoop and so here’s part of it:

“I walked in and the first thing I saw was a table surrounded by gorgeous women. I mean he (Cristiano) doesn’t even need to hire security because at all times he is surrounded by an impermeable threshold of women. It’s impossible to get near him! Our mutual friend told me it was Cristiano Ronaldo’s table and asked me if I wanted to meet him. He led me through the hoard of girls and introduced me in front of all of them. I could feel all the girls eyes burning into my back as Cristiano asked me to sit down and started chatting with me. We hardly had time to get much of a conversation going before the other girls were trying their hardest to get me away from him. I’ve never been one to start a fight and it really wasn’t a huge deal to me so I said good-bye to him and made my way out of the crowd. I just figured i’d leave him to his slew of women that he would probably take home and have some sort of orgy. (Laughs) I walked over to the bar to join my girlfriends when Paris Hilton walked in and made a beeline for Cristiano’s table. I couldn’t believe the way he treated her! He literally turned his back on her. She looked like a moron and looked around to make sure no one saw her get dissed but everyone did! My girlfriend and I laughed a little and went back to our drinks. Then, before long, the club was nearing closing time and Cristiano got up on his crutches to come over to the bar to talk to me! The first thing I asked him was why he asked Paris to kick rocks. He explained to me that he likes curvy girls with tone and that he found Paris “gross”. We talked for a little longer and made arrangements to head elsewhere after.”

Poor thing, she seemed proud of what she did…

Blog and Tell

Niki Ghazian: Blog and Tell

Cristiano Ronaldo may be in for some naughty ride with current flame Letizia Filippi if rumors is to be believe. It seems the beautiful Italian model has many facets of naughtiness brimming inside of her and Ronaldo must be over the moon by this or he’s very afraid that he can’t keep up with the handful Italian? In a Daily Star exclusive, Letizia has this sizzling revelations:

“I like to dress a little like a man, tight trousers and a white shirt – when I wear short skirts I feel uncomfortable as I get stared at the whole time. But my real fantasy is to have sex in a private jet.”

Whew… And can Ronaldo handle this:

“He must make me feel important – he must know how to be good and bad, sweet and at the same time naughty.”

And Letizia also like being the object of a little jealousy as she felt loved by this. Really, this WAG is getting interesting by the minute.

On the hand, Ronaldo is in a “snubbing session” again as he turned his back to The Hills Lauren Conrad when the latter asked for a photo with him. Conrad has never been more humiliated according to sources and now she knows what Paris Hilton felt days ago when Ronaldo did the same to her. Really boy that’s not the way you treat girls of the society, it may come back to haunt you when and if you decide to join MLS…


Is this Letizia? She's in Malibu to be with Ronaldo

Is this Letizia? She's in Malibu to be with Ronaldo

Finally, Nereida has moved on. And with a new man, still nameless as of this very moment. The pair were seen in Majorcan beach in a very public display of affection as Nereida tried to steal kisses of her new man. They were doing this while on a jetski  mind you.  And that was a day before she showed off her salacious breast again (although its been ages since she bared it) at a Majorcan beach with a friend. Meanwhile, Ronaldo who doesnt want to be left behind with his ex-girlfriend beach antics were seen surrounded by bevy of girls in Malibu. Well, dear Ronaldo, make the most of it because your days of donning the slave look again is coming near. And as for you Nereida, enjoy the press time as much as you can, your number is up.

Lets give them what they want

Lets give them what they want


Free Again...

Free Again...

While Cristiano Ronaldo is soaking up the sun, literally in LA. Rumors that Letizia is already in LA to be with him is spreading like fire. It was just two days ago when Letizia’s agent says that she’ll be flying to LA. Whew, a hot new romance in the making coupled with a delusional ex-girlfriend, this one is for the tabloids… The start of their romance is already well documented. It was rumored that Ronaldo and Leticia met while he is on holiday in Italy and he was with Nereida that time. Ronaldo was bewitched when Letizia gazed at him (she must have been related with Medusa)  and he has never recovered (thank goodness he never turned to stone) although he was rejected the first time he gave her his number. Still the amount of texts and flowers he gave to her must have melted Letizia’s resolve and knowing him has become “fun”. Although not much is known about Letizia, Showbiz Spy says “Letizia lives in Rome and rose to fame in her homeland by finishing third place in the 1994 Miss Italia. A career in TV followed and she caught the attention of Italian ski champion, Alberto Tomba, whom she dated for two years. And now she’s in the arms of Ronaldo. And i’m betting you the countdown has begun in how long this relationship will last. And how many scandalized photos will surfaced in the net and will it surpass that of Nereida? Let’s wait and see.

Color them Champ!

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I don’t know where the World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE is heading right now but in my opinion and i’m just asking, with no hint of racism or malice whatsoever, are they trying to “Obama-rize” their show? I’m just asking. But one more thing, does Michael Hayes knows about this?
ECW Champ

mark Henry: ECW Champ

Intercontinental Champion

Kofi Kingston: Intercontinental Champion

US Champ

Shelton Benjamin: US Champ


Now it can be told. Ronaldo does not like nice, pretty girl, not really. His latest squeeze, Italian Letizia Filippi is the better version of Nereida Gallardo but with finesse. The two said to have meet while Ronaldo and Nereida were on a holiday in Italy. Remeber those steaming Sardinia photos? It seems so long ago. As the sunonline reported: “He met the TV presenter and model at a yacht party while with Spanish beauty Nereida… Letizia snared Ron under Nereida’s nose. One claimed Letizia, 30, fixed him with a “gaze that melted him like an icicle in the sun”. Ron sent flowers and they met several times. Asked about him, Letizia laughed: “We had dinner together with friends. It’s not bad knowing Ronaldo.”

Her gaze melted Nereida's name out of Ronaldo's slave heart.

Letizia Filippi: Her gaze melted Nereida's name out of Ronaldo's slave heart.

While life still goes on for Nereida, she kept busy by judging a wet shirt competition in Ibiza, well what can you expect. She had to be in the limelight while she still believes that she and Ronaldo, who’s still in LA by the way, trying to make himself more orangey, are still an item…