Torres Inspired by Gerrard

Posted: July 7, 2008 in Soccer/Football
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In an interview with Champions Magazine, Nando waxed poetic on his Liverpool Captain and added that he is one of his inspiration in becoming a global superstar and European Champion aside from Rafael Benitez who always demand constant improvement on his part. To quote:

“I want to progress in life, not relax, not be complacent, and you need someone close to you telling you to keep at it. It is impossible to do it otherwise.

“We don’t always fancy someone that close but, in the long term, I am sure that everybody will thank him for it.”

The Spaniard has also been impressed by his club captain Gerrard, and in particular by the Scouser’s ability to deal with the pressures that come with his high profile.

“He’s always under tremendous pressure to perform and everyone looks to him to
show leadership, to lift the team,” Torres said.

“He’s a great example, and those of us who have been in a similar situation know how difficult it is to handle.

“It’s incredible the way he carries himself regardless of what is going on around him. I’d love to be captain of another team one day and Steve has shown me how to be a great leader.”


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