Nadal wins first Wimbledon

Posted: July 8, 2008 in Sports
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After Spain bags the Euro2008, another Spaniard made history by winning his first Wimbledon – Rafael Nadal. In what could become an epic final in Wimbledon history, Nadal ended the Wimbledon winning streak of Roger Federer. Rumor has it that Federer got teary in the locker room. Well i could be too  if i’m trying to surpass the record of Pete Sampras. Too bad. Another good news is that Rafa is on his way to becoming the No.1 seeded player in Tennis. Woohoo.

The nearly seven hours epic final was real worth it. Dailymail online reports “The men’s final was lauded as even more magnificent than the great finals between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe a quarter of a century ago.

McEnroe himself  –  three times champion and a television commentator at this year’s tournament  –  said: ‘This is the greatest match I’ve ever seen.’

Nadal, 22, seemed unable to believe his victory. He said: ‘It’s impossible to explain what I felt. I never imagined something like this.’



  1. Erik says:

    What an epic five set match by the two titans of tennis. My eyes were glued to this marathon for 4 hours and 48 minutes! This was the greatest and perhaps the best quality tennis I have ever witnessed in any tournament. Congrats to Nadal for taking down the great Federer.

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