C. Ronaldo is an Ingrate Slave

Posted: July 12, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed with the words of FIFA President’s Blatter on the “modern slavery in the football world”, as if! With today’s luxurious lifestyle of footie players, Ronaldo’s comment of “I completely agree with the FIFA president,” spoke volumes of being an ingrate to his current ball club. I think that United would be better off without Ronaldo and with his 12 weeks missing the practice and the start of the Premier League because of his ankle surgery, Old Trafford will see how they fare without him, but being Manchester United I believe they will fare very well.


On the other news, United is on alert and monitoring the Michael Owen situation as news of wage cut in the Newcastle front especially on the part of Owen being asked to take a wage cut from £110,000-a-week deal  to around £80,000-a-week. Iif he turns down there’s a possibilty that United will be waiting on the wing to take on Michael Owen. But let’s see what happens. But i sure hope this is true.Newcastle United's Michael Owen (left) celebrates scoring the second goal of the game.

And I say good riddance to Cristiano Ronaldo. Vain. Preening, and whatever.

  1. florim says:

    you are really star c.ronaldo

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