New HP Pix: Ron Weasley is One Hot Keeper

Posted: July 12, 2008 in Harry Potter
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Another Empire Magazine photos of the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has surface thanks to Occlumencia and bonniewrightonline, this time  a picture of Ron wearing a Gryffindor keeper uniform while talking to Hermione at a breakfast table. The side view look of him is so yummy…

This one's a Keeper.

Ron Weasley: This one's a Keeper.

  1. Ron is my favorite HP character. He should have been shown playing Quidditch in the fifth movie, but of course, that subplot was cut from the film. I’m so glad that he finally got to play Quidditch in the sixth movie.

    Please read the blog post “Weasley Is Our King!” at and leave a comment. Thanks!

  2. aumih16 says:

    ron weasley is most first appearance in order of the phoenix in quidditch uniform give evidence in half-blood prince

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