Why Ronaldo-Gallardo Split: Only the Gods knows

Posted: July 14, 2008 in Soccer/Football
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In what could have been a shocking turn-about, Cristiano Ronaldo has given girlfriend of 5 months Nereida Gallardo a red card… It seems the split has happened before Ronaldo has undergone an ankle surgery last week. Too bad for the aspiring model who has earned the ire of many Ronaldo female fans when they went public last April 2008, especially when she was caught in photos wearing the infamous R7 earrings. We wonder what Ronaldo saw in her, she looks like a prostitute, a fact intensified when her topless form was bandied about in the tabloids. And with CR7 propensity towards those certain kind of women, we no longer wonder why he took a liking to her.

The Portugal 24 horas said that Ronaldo has gotten tired of all the gossip surrounding Nereida and their relationship. And when news of The Ramos and Nereida having met previously surfaced, it seems Ronaldo doesn’t want to bring along the baggage when and if he transfer to Real Madrid. It would be really awkward I’m telling you.

But the most reliable of all the sources said the break up happened beacuse Ronaldo’s mother Dolores took a great dislike to Nereida and she thinks that the girl is only after her son’s tons and millions of money. And being an obedient son that he is, Ronaldo listened to his mother and at the same time also his manager. That’s right Ronaldo, you should listen to your mom, mother ALWAYS KNOWS BEST.


  1. CR9 says:

    I agree. she does look like a gold digger/aka money hungry B**CH

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