You’re Kidding, Right? Celebrity Pimps

Posted: July 14, 2008 in Uncategorized
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It has been the norms nowadays that magazine bids a lot of money, millions to be exact, to be the first to get exclusive on celebrity kids photos. And i’m telling you should i buy magazine just to see the photos of those kids. I mean the money i will be paying for those magazine will be used to pay the celebrity parents, who in turn will “donate it to charity”. Isn’t that the height of absolute ass kissing? May be i should use the money to donate it to charity of my own choosing and not to give it to those who use their popularity to donate said money in their own name. The nerve. And why should you buy those magazine when in a matter of hours you can see those photos in the net. Why support them? Why do you have to made a big deal of welcoming those babies. I love kids but to use them for your own “good purpose” to the world really smack of pimping to the highest level.


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