Nereida Gallardo is in Denial

Posted: July 15, 2008 in Soccer/Football
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Still Wearing the diamond ring, aaawww

Still Wearing the diamond ring, aaawww

Nope she’s not in Egypt but Ms. Gallardo has denied reports of the break up. Putting on a brave face in front of the press, she was quoted as saying: “I don’t know where this story has come from. I have spoken to him today, as always.”‘

May be she’s asking him to take her back.

But still reports of the break up persisted. After attending a party in Ibiza, Nereida came back to Majorca and she was seen still wearing the diamond ring Ronaldo gave to her. Various reports continue to abound on the reason of the break up; Ronaldo grew bored with their relationship and he was unhappy about her unsavory past, he was upset by reports about past relationship with Real Madrid Sergio Ramos and also with Spanish football agent Pedro Campane; his mother Dolores is said to be disgusted with photo set lesbian-style poses of Nereida with her friends in a nightclub toilet and not to mention the topless modelling shots.

But whatever the reason is, the fact that Ronaldo has not spoken over the break up, a “gentleman” that he is he will have to defend her if the break up is not true.


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