7 Reasons why Ronaldo ditched Nereida

Posted: July 16, 2008 in Rumors
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While Cristiano Ronaldo is in LA for business and snubbing Paris Hilton and no new news with Whoreida Nereida Gallardo, i search high and low in the highway of information to give you the magic 7 reasons why Ronaldo ditched her…

7.  first class liar, liar, liar 

6.  denial queen

5.  his mother hates this and this

4.  he abhors cottage cheese

3.  although its the past, she makes a fool out of him and again with this guy…

Nereida's Past Haunts Her

Nereida's Past Haunts Her

2.  she’s too sexy THAN HIM and we all know how vain he is

1.  he is not really moving to Real Madrid and there’s no reason for him to have someone in Spain…

  1. […] Ronaldo doesnt want to say the reason why he broke up with Nereida, but we all know why. He is now ready to forget the word Nereida ever existed. LA provided all the fun he wants and just […]

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