Ronaldo Hits the LA Club Scene and shows Nereida what she’s been Missing

Posted: July 17, 2008 in Rumors, Sports
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The night before he was to accept the Best Male International Athlete trophy at the ESPY Award, Cristiano Ronaldo and two friends were seen hitting the Villa club and met with four models in a very private part of the club.   Rumor has it that £10,000 worth of booze overflowed that night. He drank a number of vodka and sodas before switching to Cristal champagne. Is he trying to drowned his sorrow over ditching Nereida or his ankle surgery hurts?

Hurt ankle or not, Ronaldo partied through the night and he was quite drunk. Mirror Online said that, “as the booze flowed, the 23-year-old got into the party spirit. He even threw his crutches to the ground and tried to dance on his uninjured foot – although it turned into more of an ungainly shuffle. So he ripped open his white shirt instead – as the models squealed with delight.

The next day, he attended the Espy Award and attracted a lot of attention, and the media seemed to be touting him to be the next Beckham. Well if that happens, he needs to find his own Victoria ASAP, too bad Nereida cant fit the bill.

Best International Athlete

Best International Athlete

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