Ronaldo and a new brunette?

Posted: July 18, 2008 in Rumors, Soccer/Football
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Just days after the break up and confirming to close friends that he has indeed broke up with Nereida Gallardo, R7 has asked the same friends to set him up for dates, and this time he wants “nice, pretty american girl”. As opposed to Nereida?!! . He doesn’t waste anytime as his manager/pimp set him up with a pretty brunette who was seen hanging at the bar in trendy LA resto and  he was seen leaving with the same brunette in the early hours of the morning to his room. Maybe he was trying to find another set of R7 earrings for the brunette to sport.

Since Ronaldo doesnt want to say the reason why he broke up with Nereida, but we all know why. He is now ready to forget the word Nereida ever existed. LA provided all the fun he wants and just before the “new brunette thing” happened, Mailonline in an exclusive says “before tonight’s fun, a flirtatious Ronaldo was spotted flirting in a hotel pool with two bikini-clad girls. Onlookers said he was anxious to catch the eye of one blonde guest in particular as he soaked up the sun and worked on his tan.”

Ah, life is really fun. When another girl gets the boot, another girl is waiting in the wings. To be Ronaldo, it really is good to be a slave… And it looks he will be staying at Old Trafford for now.

A Slave's Life

A Slave's Life

Photos by National Photo Group

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