It’s On: Ronaldo and Letizia

Posted: July 23, 2008 in Rumors, Soccer/Football
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While Cristiano Ronaldo is soaking up the sun, literally in LA. Rumors that Letizia is already in LA to be with him is spreading like fire. It was just two days ago when Letizia’s agent says that she’ll be flying to LA. Whew, a hot new romance in the making coupled with a delusional ex-girlfriend, this one is for the tabloids… The start of their romance is already well documented. It was rumored that Ronaldo and Leticia met while he is on holiday in Italy and he was with Nereida that time. Ronaldo was bewitched when Letizia gazed at him (she must have been related with Medusa)  and he has never recovered (thank goodness he never turned to stone) although he was rejected the first time he gave her his number. Still the amount of texts and flowers he gave to her must have melted Letizia’s resolve and knowing him has become “fun”. Although not much is known about Letizia, Showbiz Spy says “Letizia lives in Rome and rose to fame in her homeland by finishing third place in the 1994 Miss Italia. A career in TV followed and she caught the attention of Italian ski champion, Alberto Tomba, whom she dated for two years. And now she’s in the arms of Ronaldo. And i’m betting you the countdown has begun in how long this relationship will last. And how many scandalized photos will surfaced in the net and will it surpass that of Nereida? Let’s wait and see.


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