Meet Nereida’s New Man

Posted: July 24, 2008 in Rumors, Soccer/Football
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Finally, Nereida has moved on. And with a new man, still nameless as of this very moment. The pair were seen in Majorcan beach in a very public display of affection as Nereida tried to steal kisses of her new man. They were doing this while on a jetski  mind you.  And that was a day before she showed off her salacious breast again (although its been ages since she bared it) at a Majorcan beach with a friend. Meanwhile, Ronaldo who doesnt want to be left behind with his ex-girlfriend beach antics were seen surrounded by bevy of girls in Malibu. Well, dear Ronaldo, make the most of it because your days of donning the slave look again is coming near. And as for you Nereida, enjoy the press time as much as you can, your number is up.

Lets give them what they want

Lets give them what they want


Free Again...

Free Again...


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