Ronaldo’s New Girl is Naughty

Posted: July 24, 2008 in Rumors
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Cristiano Ronaldo may be in for some naughty ride with current flame Letizia Filippi if rumors is to be believe. It seems the beautiful Italian model has many facets of naughtiness brimming inside of her and Ronaldo must be over the moon by this or he’s very afraid that he can’t keep up with the handful Italian? In a Daily Star exclusive, Letizia has this sizzling revelations:

“I like to dress a little like a man, tight trousers and a white shirt – when I wear short skirts I feel uncomfortable as I get stared at the whole time. But my real fantasy is to have sex in a private jet.”

Whew… And can Ronaldo handle this:

“He must make me feel important – he must know how to be good and bad, sweet and at the same time naughty.”

And Letizia also like being the object of a little jealousy as she felt loved by this. Really, this WAG is getting interesting by the minute.

On the hand, Ronaldo is in a “snubbing session” again as he turned his back to The Hills Lauren Conrad when the latter asked for a photo with him. Conrad has never been more humiliated according to sources and now she knows what Paris Hilton felt days ago when Ronaldo did the same to her. Really boy that’s not the way you treat girls of the society, it may come back to haunt you when and if you decide to join MLS…


Is this Letizia? She's in Malibu to be with Ronaldo

Is this Letizia? She's in Malibu to be with Ronaldo

  1. ezginur says:

    c.ronaldoyu çok seviyorum ve çıktığı kızların hepsi çok çirkinnnnnnnn

  2. Pamella says:

    That is not Leitizia, but some manufactured bleach blonde. Leitizia is an Italian with dark hair and skin. She is exotic not a fake, “you have to look this way to be pretty in America,” like Lauren Conrad.

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