Bella Cullen’s New Car in Breaking Dawn

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Twilight Series
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While reading the Breaking Dawn, my attention was caught with the description of Bella’s new car, a Mercedes Guardian given to her by Edward. Whoa, by the reaction of the two guys she saw at the gas station, I know i have to google this car. And what i found is that actually it was a Mercedes Benz S600 and here’s the most interesting part,  The S600 Guard will defend its occupants against machine-gun fire, grenades and other explosives; it’ll run on flat tires; it’s got its own air supply in case of a gas attack; and in case of a fire, it’s got its own fire-extinguishing system and self-sealing fuel tank. Wow, now i really wish i want to be a vampire and only if Edward Cullen will create me… I wonder what’s the other after car that we haven’t seen?

Mercedes Guardian

Mercedes Guardian

  1. Danielle~ says:

    I, too, googled this car because of the description in Breaking Dawn. And wows, it sounds amazing. I wish someone would buy this car for me….;d

  2. Laura says:

    Phew… That is one amazing car! Yup, I also decided to google up Mercedes Guardian after reading about it in Breaking Dawn, and I’ll admit, I’m impressed. It being bulletproof is just the tip of the iceberg! Oh well, I’ll just keep dreaming and fantasizing about my own personal gorgeous vampire and the car(s) he’s gonna buy for me. LoL

  3. Lexi says:

    haha i think everyone googled this car after reading breaking dawn…i did lol

  4. BookGirl says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I guess Edward REALLY wanted to keep her safe. Where did you get your header for your site?

  5. thank you for informing me of this. I read the book, but was unsure of what car Edward has purchased for Bella. It appears to be quite a capable machine.

    Once again, thanks.


  6. tiffany says:


  7. jacoblover(vivie) says:

    *giggle*yea i googled it too nice car but i like her after car better (ferarri) so yup cool site btw

  8. Evdard Kallen says:

    Lol… I’m googled too this car after reading the name of this car in first chapter of Breakin Dawn…

  9. Tina says:

    ME + EDWARD= LOVE!!!

  10. crista says:

    lol i agree… i did the same but the after car ends up of course being a ferrari how sweet can it get… i love how s. meyer actually chose good cars to write about, and being a car enthusiast, made me fully read the whole book lol

  11. junelle says:

    yeah.. me too.. after i read the car part.. its amazing.. whats the after car? im not done reading it yet.. and the cullens gave bella a house [cottage].. in her birthday.. edward must give bella a car but they went to see the house first.. but then after that charlie went to see them and its been 3 months.. is there a after car?

  12. chloe says:

    omg! i love this car as soon as it was in the book i had to look it up o btw hav any of u seen the traller of new moon wow

  13. edward/Illy4eva says:

    i went looking for the cars after reading breaking dawn .i love the aston martin edward lent to jacob .and i love bella’s ferrari and the mercedes guardian she gets .what a hawt car .ssssssssssooooooooooooooo kul but edward’s car rox the best

  14. Eclipse_lover_forever_ says:

    wow…. Edward really wants to protect Bella!!! 😀 I love the twilight saga sooooooooooo much! I’m actually sad because I finished them all……… and because Stephenie Meyer won’t finished Midnight Sun(Edward’s version of Twilight)*cry* It got leacked on the internet! It’s so terrible! 😦

  15. nina says:

    wow,the car is so cool. And edward must be love bella so much………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. KatieGurl says:

    me too, i searched for this car coz im reading breaking dawn..

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