Nadal Wins Olympic Gold and Got The No. 1 and Phelps Got the Elite Eight

Posted: August 17, 2008 in Sports
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In what could have been a memorable tennis final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Spain’s Rafael Nadal ‘s  won the coveted olympic gold medal after trashing Chile’s Fernando Gonzales. And hours after that he finally become the world’s no. 1 in tennis, yay! Nadal took gold with a 6-2, 7-6, 6-3 (3-0) victory.  Before the finals, Rafa faced Djokovic in a semifinal round and it was quite tense for a while because Nadal has failed to win agains Nole in the past competitions but thanks to all those double faults and errors, Nadal won the semis without a doubt. Another laurels for this hottie Spaniard who’s making 2008 definitely his year.

The Rafa Takes the Gold

The Rafa Takes the Gold

Getty Images

On the other hand, the grandest of all the Olympic champions and icon Michael Phelps won his record eight gold medals. He was all smiles after bagging the eight gold and when it was time for the awarding ceremony and the US National Anthem was playing , it was obvious that he was trying to sing but he can’t seem to get the words out, he was way emotional at that point and its just make him more eandering to us. With all these things happening, I believe that only Michael Phelps will beat his own momentous elite eight.

Mission Accomplished.
Mission Accomplished.

Getty Images

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