Cristiano Ronaldo is Frustrated

Posted: August 27, 2008 in Soccer/Football, Sports
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In an interview with a portuguese television, Cristiano Ronaldo said that he was frustrated on not being in the field of play as he was still recuperating from an ankle surgery. He said that it was the worst moment of his sports career when he had undergone a surgery and it has hindered him from not playing ball for a few months. He also mentioned that he was not accustomed to having so much time in his hands and that it has made him sad. He wished that his situation won’t be for a longer time and that he is feeling much better every day. For a while there i was completely thunderstruck by this interview and may be just maybe that it was not Ronaldo they were interviewing. What he has described is simply unbelievable. I mean, remember this, days after the surgery, he went to LA, he met quite a few nice and pretty americans, was rumored to be with Letizia Filippi, brought a Rolls Royce and a vanity number plate. Is that what being frustrated has done for him?

But then the next phase of the interview where he commented:

It has never been a good situation, to be two months without having able to touch ball. But I know that I have to take it calmly. I want to play, that is what it makes me happier, to return to the trainings, the parties, the competition…”

 Now that’s the Ronaldo that we know, he knows what he’ really missing – the parties.

A Frustrated Cristiano Ronaldo

A Frustrated Cristiano Ronaldo

images courtesy of KEYSTONE Press/Reuters


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