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We thought we’ve heard all about Nereida Gallardo but this time she came back with a vengeance and spoke about her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo in a recent interview.

Branding him a coward and a “Mama’s Boy”, Nereida was very much upset on the way CRon7 ended up things between them and thru text messaging, mind you. (gasp!), How very cowardly of him. She also insist that Mama Dolores is to blame too. She saw how CR7 is being manipulated by his mother and how very protective she is to him. Also, there were some problems with Cristiano’s family as they are jealous of their relationship. Nereida went on to say that Mama Dolores never called her to sort things out between them.

Cristiano and Ronaldo met last January and Nereida gushed on to say that they have sex  the first night they met in her city of Majorca. “”He is very good in bed. That’s why I was with him,” she said. She said that Cristiano is very generous and gifted her with designer handbags, Armani belt, and if rumor is to be believe a Mercedes.

She was also furious that Ronaldo believed that she slept with Real Madrid Defender Sergio Ramos, they were just friends. Nereida believed that Ronaldo was not faithful during their relationship while she was faithful all the time. She found text messages which she found incriminating. The relationship goes downhill when Ronaldo went to LA and his “sexploits” was bandied about in the tabloids and then the text message that she was being dumped.

At least Nereida confirmed that there was never any truth in the rumour that Ronaldo promised her marriage if Manchester United won the Champions League.

jealous of Nereida

Cristiano Ronaldo and His Family: jealous of Nereida

I dont know whether we should thank those goddamned papparazzi or not but the severity of their intrusion is not entertaining anymore. Hey, i know celebrities are public property but when they’re not doing what the’re supoosed to do for us like entertainment or sports or anything, may be we should left them alone…

Italian TV star Letizia Filippi, the latest on the long list of CR7 women says that he only has eyes for her. Awww. I wonder how long before his eyes strays?

23-year old Cristiano and 30-year old Letizia began dating last July 2008 shortly, and I really mean shortly after he split with Nereida Gallardo.

In an exclusive interview with Italian Max Magazine, Letizia was described as the new love and special someone of Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo and hopefully, on her part, his last. She also took a potshot against Niki Ghazian, the girl who told everyone that she had sex with CR7. Letizia, who was annoyed at this said that it was not true. She said that there are some people who will say anything to become famous and gain something.  

I don’t need to talk about these things. I don’t need anything. I have my life, my work and I’m happy. What that girl did only showed that she did not respect Ronaldo and herself as well.”

Letizia also denied that she was the cause of the Nereida-Cristiano break up:

When i met Cristiano in Capri he told me that and he and Nereida have broken up for a week. When they left Sardinia. So when he arrived in Capri, he was single.”

They had their first kiss in Capri while they were taking a walk. CR7, despite being surrounded by a lot of people has managed to find a little time for this. So when asked if she was his girlfriend now:

No, not his girlfriend. But we’re together and there’s this feeling between us. I went to LA for him. I think there’s a love story here but to call me his girlfriend is exaggerated. Girlfriend is such a big word.”

The time they spent in LA was cut short because Letizia went back to Italy because of the pain she’s suffering from her tooth. She doesn’t trust american dentist that’s why she rushed back home.

And now that the football season has began and both of them so busy from their respective work, they communicated by sending 2 or 3 messages a day, hot messages by the way. And for her that’s normal. But they will be seeing each other soon, away from the paparrazzi as much as possible. When asked how to describe Ronaldo, she said:

He is adorable, funny, young. We bond together, we have fun. He calls me his amorinho and i call him baby, but he doesn’t want to be called that.”  Amorinho means little love in portuguese.

One intriguing revelation that was said during the interview is that Letizia do not know the number of Ronaldo’s jersey. But she sure knows one thing –  his weekly salary. She justified this by saying that she’s been reading about it in the tabloids. (Maybe Ronaldo hasn’t gifted her yet with the R7 diamonds earrings)

Another interesting thing is she doesn’t know what a WAG is and she is one now. She said she never heard of it. Maybe she never came across it in the tabloids she’s been reading, she just saw the pounds signs. (Sigh)

Letizia was also asked by British tabloids to pose topless with Ronaldo but she refused. They offered her 20,000 pounds. Should have up the ante. Anyway the pose she made for Max magazine showed that they paid much more for her.

images via Max Magazine

Cristiano Ronaldo’s name can be linked to a lot of things, a football ace, prolific football awardee, women he has dated but for me he has one thing that i really, really like about him – he has some of the world’s most exclusive cars… and i know he can be a good boyfriend because he will give you a car. Remember Nereida Gallardo’s Mercedes? I wonder where is it now, maybe that’s the only remembrance that CR7 has left Nereida. At least she gets to ride still.

CR7 is no different to many footie players and some sports figure everywhere because they blow their big, big salary on exclusive cars, so he’s really no exception.  Imagine, in the last five years his car expenses has now reached the 2 million pounds mark. Now’ let’s take a peek to the cars he owned:

The 340,000 pounds Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantom

 This Bentley GTC is now for sale at 99,995 pounds at a garage in Bolton, Lancs.

Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley Continental GTC

 He put his name in a waiting list for this Bugatti Veyron, a 235 mph supercar he once raced in his Nike ad.

Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron

Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430

He owns two of these Porsche Cayennes.
Porsche Cayennes

Porsche Cayennes



Porsche 911

Porsche 911

And the latest purchase… a 140,000 pounds Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bentley Continental GT Speed

Since we haven’t seen Cristiano Ronaldo new Rolls Royce Phantom yet, LA Galaxy Star David Beckham was all for flaunting his own RR Phantom Drophead Coupe while picking up his sons from school along with two SUV for a convoy or security. Car-mad that he is, Becks sure is a hands-on father and you can not fault him and Posh at that because despite all the fame and money, they are good parents and a devoted one. They always took the 3 children wherever they go and their lifestyle is completely different from ours so we shouldn’t be so bitchy about them. They earned their money and they could spend and splash it the way they want.

If all goes well today against Villareal, football ace Cristiano Ronaldo will play this Sunday for Manchester United against rival Chelsea, although he will be in the sub’s bench. C-Ron who received the Euro Golden Boot last Saturday in Madeira beating  Real Mallorca striker Daniel Guiza who only have 27 goals against his 31 goals last season was emotional because he received the award in the place where he grew up and he wants to show those who like him that he was still the same person he was before. Yeah right except he’s got more money now…

Ronaldo’s fast recovery from his ankle surgery will enable him to play against Chelsea although he was really scheduled to play for the September 27 Bolton game. He has stepped up in his training and it was said that his return will be used by Sir Alex as a major psychological weapon in his first clash with Scolari. But Sir Alex is the one psychologically bothered right now when the FA overturned John Terry’s red card thus, leaving him free to play agains Man United. He is accusing referee’s chief Hackett of being biased against United and said that Hackett wouldn’t do it for United if this happened to them. Maybe he is right because this was the third time that Chelsea got off after an appeal. 

As to Ronaldo’s warm welcome from the United supporters, Sir Alex assured that this will not be a problem and he knows that the supporters understand the situation. Well, we only hope that he is right. Remember the time when Ronaldo was booed off in the Premier League after the incident with Rooney in the World Cup?  I hope that’s a different situation.

images via newsoftheworld

In what could have been a dare made by Red Devils Chairman David Gill to other football teams owner especially to the Man City owner, he says that if they could come up with 170 million euros, he would be willing to sell football ace Cristiano Ronaldo. But then according to him that will be unlikely since they would not be willing to do so. Is he right then? With the way things are going right now at the Premiership, anything unlikely is quite possible. The past five years has changed the atmosphere of the premiership eversince foreign takeovers started by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. Money has become of no object and it seems courtesy is no longer observe in the buying and selling of players making them more like a commodity in  the football supermarket.

In the dailymail interview with Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger such talks of bidding and buying certain players for just one team is counterproductive for football future.

Power-shifting has defined today’s Premiership and even the fans has been worrying over the recent turn of events. Man City fanatics may be overwhelmed with the way their fortune is turning. But what about the Toon and over there at Anfield and other teams who are debt ridden right now. Are they just waiting for those money loaded Arabs to turn things right for them?

Arsene Wenegr has the right to attack these foreign owners. As he said:

“Clubs should live within their natural resources. If you push that too far, there are no rules any more and there is too much destabilisation. You cannot come out ‘next week we pay £250,000-a-week to Ronaldo and £135m’, when the player has a six-year contract with Manchester United. It is not acceptable. Football is not a supermarket. The football bodies have to make sure that money is ruled properly and used well for the ethic of the game.”   

Too right Wenger. Me, if i have 170 million euros, i will not buy Cristiano Ronalso, i will bail out Liverpool and buy them for myself…

'I am not a commodity"

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