Reading Challenges and Some Thoughts on Football

Posted: September 2, 2008 in Reading Challenges, Soccer/Football
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I feel like not intruding on Cristiano Ronaldo’s life today no matter how much I want to. There’s nothing worth blogging about him anyway. And as I’m still dismayed over the Abu Dhabi invasion in the Premier League. I really feel that those people or group of people who have millions of money to burn and who just want to satisfy their whims and make some football team their financial accessory shouldnt invest in football for reasons of vanity. Its just so cold blooded  the way they’re handling things. Buying, selling, transfer. The players’ fate are literally in the owners hands. Its like they are creating a fantasy football team leaving the other teams trying to catch up with them. Whatever happened to good old competition?

Well enough about that, I just discovered something much more exciting today. As i was looking for interesting blogrolls i happened to see a challenge worth joining in to, so starting today I decided to join the following:


Romance Reading Challenge



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