Letizia Filippi: Cristiano Ronaldo Amorinho

Posted: September 18, 2008 in Entertainment, Rumors, Soccer/Football
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Italian TV star Letizia Filippi, the latest on the long list of CR7 women says that he only has eyes for her. Awww. I wonder how long before his eyes strays?

23-year old Cristiano and 30-year old Letizia began dating last July 2008 shortly, and I really mean shortly after he split with Nereida Gallardo.

In an exclusive interview with Italian Max Magazine, Letizia was described as the new love and special someone of Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo and hopefully, on her part, his last. She also took a potshot against Niki Ghazian, the girl who told everyone that she had sex with CR7. Letizia, who was annoyed at this said that it was not true. She said that there are some people who will say anything to become famous and gain something.  

I don’t need to talk about these things. I don’t need anything. I have my life, my work and I’m happy. What that girl did only showed that she did not respect Ronaldo and herself as well.”

Letizia also denied that she was the cause of the Nereida-Cristiano break up:

When i met Cristiano in Capri he told me that and he and Nereida have broken up for a week. When they left Sardinia. So when he arrived in Capri, he was single.”

They had their first kiss in Capri while they were taking a walk. CR7, despite being surrounded by a lot of people has managed to find a little time for this. So when asked if she was his girlfriend now:

No, not his girlfriend. But we’re together and there’s this feeling between us. I went to LA for him. I think there’s a love story here but to call me his girlfriend is exaggerated. Girlfriend is such a big word.”

The time they spent in LA was cut short because Letizia went back to Italy because of the pain she’s suffering from her tooth. She doesn’t trust american dentist that’s why she rushed back home.

And now that the football season has began and both of them so busy from their respective work, they communicated by sending 2 or 3 messages a day, hot messages by the way. And for her that’s normal. But they will be seeing each other soon, away from the paparrazzi as much as possible. When asked how to describe Ronaldo, she said:

He is adorable, funny, young. We bond together, we have fun. He calls me his amorinho and i call him baby, but he doesn’t want to be called that.”  Amorinho means little love in portuguese.

One intriguing revelation that was said during the interview is that Letizia do not know the number of Ronaldo’s jersey. But she sure knows one thing –  his weekly salary. She justified this by saying that she’s been reading about it in the tabloids. (Maybe Ronaldo hasn’t gifted her yet with the R7 diamonds earrings)

Another interesting thing is she doesn’t know what a WAG is and she is one now. She said she never heard of it. Maybe she never came across it in the tabloids she’s been reading, she just saw the pounds signs. (Sigh)

Letizia was also asked by British tabloids to pose topless with Ronaldo but she refused. They offered her 20,000 pounds. Should have up the ante. Anyway the pose she made for Max magazine showed that they paid much more for her.

images via Max Magazine

  1. jo-ann says:

    I think that he is a good guy & should wait for a decent respectable girl with a good heart like him, rather then these ladies who constantly wear nothing.Ronaldo your a role model around the world especially where i come from namibia. I see you as someone that is blessed who knows where he is coming from. Hope you find someone that loves you for you and not your money,but for the kind person you are

  2. Bruuna says:

    Mais uma na liista dele……. aai aaai…. tomare que aalguém dê um chuute neeele *-*

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