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David Beckham is heavily favoured to be the first celebrity to get his hands on the new racy model of an Aston Martin, a 2 million dollar Aston Martin One-77. And with this price tag, you bet this is far from your typical Aston Martin, and not one that Prince Charles will likely own. This One-77 will have a built 7.0 12 cylinder engine, hand crafted aluminum body and carbon fiber chassis. Estimate performance level figures to look for a 3.5 second 0-60 time and 200+ top mph top speed. Wow, fast and furious. And I’m telling you to get your checkbook ASAP as only 77 of this will be made. I’m sure one of this will be reserved for Roman Abramovich as he’s going to put his Ferrari FXX to his garage. But to Cristiano Ronaldo, i dont see him driving a car like this, really. And now we can only sigh, with envy, that David Beckham  will surely know the quickest way to LA Galaxy Stadium.


Zinedine Zidane or more popularly known as Zizou says that Cristiano Ronaldo should make off with the 2008 FIFA Player of the Year Award. He said that he has been the standout performer of 2008, no doubt about it. Wow, high praise indeed coming off from the legendary Zizou who, in his glorious football career has also won various awards and recognition.

CR7 had a sensational year, scoring 42 goals in all competitions, 8 goals for Manchester United in the Champions League, including a fabulous header in the final game in Moscow versus Chelsea.  And yeah who could forget the UEFA Club Forward of the Year and of course The Footballer of the Year Award… And wait, wait there’s more – The Gay Icon for 2008 Award. Yeah 2008 is really a fab year for CR7.

So what’s the latest buzz from four of my favorite hottie in Team Spain – Euro2008 Champ and in 2010 will be next World Cup winner. Yes, mark my words, this pundit has never failed so far…

Valencia midfielder David Silva withdrew from Spain’s squad for their upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Bosnia and Armenia because of a left ankle injury following tests at a Madrid clinic. Sad news indeed but the good part is he will not be replaced according to new Spain Manager Vicente del Bosque.

Spain second big absence will be Liverpool’s Fernando Torres. After limping off in the goalless draw at Villa last Sunday, he has been withdrawn from his International duty against Bosnia and Armenia after a scan has confirmed a hamstring tear in his right leg and is expected to be out between two to three weeks. Bummer. But Rafa Benitez is positive that Torres will be out of action only for 10 days and hopefully will be fit to play in the Champions League opening at Marseille. And i pray playing againt Manchester United. But really, we dont want him force to be fit…

On the other hand, Real Madrid hopes of signing Valencia’s striker David Villa was crushed when he signed a six-year deal with his club last Wednesday, thus, rejecting Real Madrid 69.5 million dollar offer. Villa, the top scorer in Euro2008 will receive 4.4 million dollar annually making him the best paid player in Valencia’s history. I am so happy for him and his pocket although playing for Real Madrid would reunite him with San Iker and The Ramos. Well, maybe its not the right time yet.

Did you know that over 10,000 people have signed a petition calling on the European Footballer of the Year Award to be given  to Real Madrid keeper Iker Casillas? Yeah, San Iker is definetly a keeper. Mayor Esteban Parro of Mostoles City where San Iker grew up in has launched an online petition a week ago and will be sent to France Football magazine which organizes in giving one of football top prize, the Ballon d’Or. Spain captain Iker has become a national hero when he saved two penalty kicks in the Euro2008 quarterfinals against Italy. It should be noted that the last keeper who won the award was Dynamo Moscow’s Lev Yashin, a Russian and that was in 1963. Last year Ballo d’Or awardee was AC Milan Brazilian midfielder Kaka. Maybe that should be another qualification that France Football should adhere – only a good, exceptional football hunk should be given the award…

I feel like not intruding on Cristiano Ronaldo’s life today no matter how much I want to. There’s nothing worth blogging about him anyway. And as I’m still dismayed over the Abu Dhabi invasion in the Premier League. I really feel that those people or group of people who have millions of money to burn and who just want to satisfy their whims and make some football team their financial accessory shouldnt invest in football for reasons of vanity. Its just so cold blooded  the way they’re handling things. Buying, selling, transfer. The players’ fate are literally in the owners hands. Its like they are creating a fantasy football team leaving the other teams trying to catch up with them. Whatever happened to good old competition?

Well enough about that, I just discovered something much more exciting today. As i was looking for interesting blogrolls i happened to see a challenge worth joining in to, so starting today I decided to join the following:


Romance Reading Challenge


They are the best in the soccer world. England-based players have grabbed all the prize at the UEFA Awards Ceremony in Monaco on August 28,2008. Last season Champion’s League were a memorable one as Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool, all EPL team, reached the semifinals. And the battle between two of england’s top team ManU and Chelsea in the finals ends with the former beating the latter on penalties.  

Twenty players were chosen by a team of UEFA technical observers who watched each Champions League match last season. They selected five players in each category of goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and attackers. 17 out of these 20 players were from EPL. And then votes were cast by coaches of the 16 teams who reached the knockout phase of the 2007-08 Champions League. And here is the results:

UEFA club goalkeeper of the year – Petr Cech (Chelsea)

UEFA club defender of the year – John Terry (Chelsea)

UEFA club midfielder of the year – Frank Lampard (Chelsea)

UEFA club forward of the year – Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

Cristiano Ronaldo also took home UEFA’S Club Footballer of the Year award.

Another one for my growing collection.

Another one for my growing collection.

CR7 had a sensational year, scoring 42 goals in all competitions, 8 goals for Manchester United in the Champions League, including a fabulous header in the final game in Moscow versus Chelsea.