England Fans: Morons the lot of them.

Posted: October 13, 2008 in Soccer/Football, Sports
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The English Fans should be very ashamed of themselves. That is not the way to support your country. Yeah, i know it’s been decades and decades since your last football glory and you badly want them to win but if you want England to win just be there to support and not booed your countryman on the field. You are not the one playing on the field and if you’re that great and know more about the game then how come you are watching and Ashley Cole is the one playing?  Everybody makes mistake even that Kazakhstan guy who gave an OG, its just lucky there were few Kazakhstan spectators at Wembley. Rio Ferdinand was right when he said how disappointing it was that the crowd booed Cole. “When any player makes a mistake all you want to do is get behind them and gee them up so with the next touch he gets his confidence back and plays himself back into the game.”  And that’s your Captain speaking.

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