Twilight Third Trailer: Spoiler Alert!

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Entertainment, Twilight Series
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The Third trailer of the much awaited Twilight movie was shown during the Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya or the Sitges Film Festival on the first week of October and the spoilers that keep coming up has flooded the net and made all the Twilighters out there deliriously happy and wishing that November 21, 2008 will be tomorrow. Its just suck that Twilight will be shown here in Manila on January 9, 2009, WTF! I don’t think I can wait that long.

Hold on Tight!

Hold on Tight!

 The third trailer showed Bella being saved by Edward from a van and the imprint he made on it; the clip with the “you really shouldn’t have said that” scene; Bella telling Edward that she knows he’s a vampire (focus on Edward’s lips as soon as she says vampire) and Edward asking her if she’s afraid and she said “no.”; and then we see them lying on the meadow; some of the ballet fight scene and the one with James; an amazing and seem to be never ending kiss between Bella and Edward; the part where the Cullens protects Bella after the “you brought a snack” part; Edward climbing the tree with Bella on his back, ripping branches and showing it to Bella; scenes with all the Cullens in the Car with James after them; Bella and Edward dancing; and the very brief image of Edward sparkling, bare chested on the meadow…

I might have forgotten something anyways just clicked the link below if its working… Yay, Twilight is coming…


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