Cristiano Ronaldo Lookeylikey

Posted: October 22, 2008 in Entertainment, Soccer/Football
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Don’t look now but someone has been impersonating Cristiano Ronaldo. (As if there’s still enough space in this world for another vain Cristiano Ronaldo.) And mind, he uses this likeness to trick girls to go to bed with him.

According to The People, Jamie Wright of Eastbourne has gotten his impersonation of the famous Manchester United winger down to pat, especially in tricking girls, as he uses a fake portuguese accent, chatting to girls about his “old mates” like David Beckham and whisking the girls to fancy hotels the likes of which CR7 would normally stay in. He even connived with hotel with his trickery. He said:

“One time I was in the Hilton in London and I took a girl back there who thought I was Ronaldo. The hotel puts your initials on the soap and for some reason they had put CR so that helped.”

But this professional look a like who earns £800 a day has a kind heart as he tells the girl the truth the next morning that he’s not really Ronaldo. Kind? yeah right. And pity to those girls who were conned into thinking that they have a one night stand with CR7. Maybe they should find the real one as he is not averse to this kind of thing. And maybe, maybe Real Madrid would finally get their chance on getting Ronaldo, albeit he’s only a look a like. Har har.

Will the real Cristiano Ronaldo please stand up.

Jaime Wright: Will the real Cristiano Ronaldo please stand up.

  1. karina says:


  2. Nadia says:

    Well I don’t think he looks like Cristiano Ronaldo
    though he’s really cute
    come on he does not need to make girls think he’s CR he can get to girls because he’s really cute

  3. crlover says:

    he is ugly and nothing like cristiano ronaldo

  4. mahbobeh mean lovely says:

    for cristiano :The day of union of friends remember:
    Those times, remember, remember!
    From the bitterness of grief my palate hath become like poison:
    The tumult of the drinking of wine-drinkers, remember!
    Although free of recollection of me, are friends
    Them, on my part a thousand times, remember!
    Entangled, I am in this bond of calamity:
    The endeavor of those upright ones, remember!
    Although in my eye, are a hundred streams
    The Zende-rud of gardeners, remember!
    After this, the mystery of Hafez un-uttered remaineth:
    Alas! the mystery-keepers, remember!

  5. paul paul says:

    u gay homo fart why wud u want to look like that queer in the 1st place u flid

  6. xafso says:

    my names xafsa

  7. marcos says:…/

  8. tami says:

    he does look like ronaldo that is a bad pic he looks alot more like him. i know him hes a really nice guy honistly you people need to get a life you dont know the guy so dont go beleving everything you here about him x

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