Nereida Gallardo is still bitter over Cristiano Ronaldo

Posted: November 11, 2008 in Entertainment, Rumors, Soccer/Football
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Nereida Gallardo strikes again. The ex-lover of Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo is talking to the tabloids again and dishing out CR7 tidbits. We already know how vain our Ronaldo is aside from being a ho-lover, it seems, his vanity knows no bounds according to the girl-who-was-dumped-via-text-message.

Nereida said, in an interview with News of the World, that CR7 has a beauty regimen to keep his body hair-free and would even use a hair removal cream to be soft all over. He also have tubs of moisturisers to coat his body twice a day. She also revealed that the Number 7 can be seen all over his place and that his house is full of mirrors so that he could look at himself and play with his hair whenever he passes a mirror. And now we know why CR7 hair looks that way eventhough he has curly hairs, he uses hair straighteners!

Nereida is also bitter over Mama Dolores who Ronaldo calls to seek advice about his lovelife. “He phones her every day. I wouldn’t be surprised if his next girlfriend is chosen by her Mum”.

Well, Nereida should be thankful that she and the coward has parted ways and should have realised earlier that Ronaldo can only be in love with – HIMSELF.

Here’s a new photo of Nereida courtesy of News of the World:


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