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Finally November 21, 2008 is here and TWILIGHT is finally at a theatre near you. I get goose bumps just thinking that this is going to be massive and everyone will be caught with a vampire bug. A lot of people now expect Twilight to take $70m (£47m) in a blockbuster opening weekend that will turn it into the biggest new release since The Dark Knight, creating one of the most successful series of teenage films of all time. I wonder how those executives over at MTV films, Fox, and Paramount Pictures feels right now? They may be wishing that vampire is real and would gladly have their neck bitten over their idiocy for turning it down. And more good news is that have been selling five Twilight tickets per second on opening day and reporting that they sold out of 1,000 midnight shows Thursday and reports that the PG-13 romance has become their #3 Advance Ticket Seller, ahead of all Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Pirates movies and trailing only The Dark Knight and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.  And I’m not reading any movie reviews, it’s enough for me that Stephenie Meyer loves it.

Now at a theatre near

Vampires: Now at a theatre near

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Its all over the net now that His Royal Highness Prince William royal treasure was snapped during a polo match when he took a leak. Naughty, naughty photographer… I wonder what’s all the fuss about?

CLICK HERE to see Prince William bits… and here’s ANOTHER if the other site crashed…

And here’s Wills when he was still a drool-worthy Prince Charming




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I love reading and this one takes the top…

Carlos Tevez’s mum visits him in Manchester

November 17th, 2008 ·

The Spoiler

Mrs Tevez makes her son very happy 


Carlos Tevez was over the moon when his old mother paid a surprise visit to Man Utd’s training ground.

Goooooooooaaaaaaaaalllllll! Today marks the anniversary of football (soccer) star Pele’s 1000th goal. Why has professional footie never caught on in the United States? (From LiveJournal)

I know I’ve been thinking about that also. It’s a real mystery that even David Beckham cannot fathom…


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Caller: Hello, can I speak to Annie Wan ?


Operator: Yes, you can speak to me.


Caller : No, I want to speak to Annie Wan !


Operator: Yes I understand you want to speak to anyone.You can speak to me. Who is this?


Caller : I’m Sam Wan. And I need to talk to Annie Wan! It’s urgent.


Operator : I know you are someone and you want to talk to anyone! But what’s this urgent matter about?


Caller: Well… just tell my sister Annie Wan that our brother Noe Wan was involved in an accident. Noe Wan got injured and now Noe Wan is being sent to the hospital. Right now, Avery Wan is on his way to the hospital.


Operator : Look, if no one was injured and no one was sent to the hospital, then the accident isn’t an urgent matter! You may find this hilarious but I don’t have time for this!


Caller : You are so rude! Who are you?


Operator: I’m Saw Ree.


Caller: Yes! You should be sorry. Now give me your name!!


Operator: That’s what I said. I’m Saw Ree ..


Caller: Oh ……my goodness!!! !

… and that’s why India need not worry about losing this business!


Good Wan! “

My Private Part Died Today

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My Private Part Died Today


An old man, Mr. Wallace, was living the last of his life in a nursing



One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked if

there was anything wrong.


“Yes, Nurse Tracy,” said Mr. Wallace, “My Private Part died today and I am very sad.”


Knowing her patients were forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she

replied, “Oh, I’m so sorry, Mr. Wallace, please accept my condolences.”


The following day, Mr. Wallace was walking down the hall with his

Private Part hanging out his pajamas, when he met Nurse Tracy.


“Mr. Wallace,” she said, “You shouldn’t be walking down the hall like

that. Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas.”


“But, Nurse Tracy,” replied Mr. Wallace, “I told you yesterday that my

Private Part died.”


“Yes, you did tell me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?”


(You are going to love this !!!!!)




“Well,” he replied, *”Today’s the viewing.”*

In a few hours, Portugal and Brazil friendly will take place in Bezerrao stadium in Brazil and will bring together two of the best players in the football world – Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka. Yeah, what a face off. CR7, who’s feeling a bit smug right now, not a bit really, but oozing with it says that ‘I am the first, second and third,’ when asked who are the three best players in the world. 


And he says that he is so ready to be harassed by Brasilian women, with all their attention and charm and he is so used to it.  He is looking forward to this friendly game and said that this is a great opportunity to relax – and whoring. No, i said the last part, don’t mind me.

Here’s a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating the birthday of his good friend and whoring-allay Nani: (courtesy of dailymail)