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Yes, it’s confirmed, CR7 confesses that he is indeed vain. Admitting that he has undergone cosmetic things particularly fixing his crooked teeth and has wore braces for a few months to straighten his teeth. He also admits shaving his chest and would like to change his hairstyle. No wonder a lot of women has gone ga-ga over him, who wouldn;t like a guy who primps a lot? If only CR7 could find solace with his beauty regimen, then he could have played better  for Man United and not those crap shit he’s been showing us lately? He is so not Ballon D’Or worthy at this moment, imagine being involved in a series of altercations with opponents. He should focus on making goals and not perfecting his diving. He’s aced it already and he’s become a serial one in fact. Maybe a few days of stay in Portugal would do him a lot of good and then he could find that missing spark that has been sorely lacking in him.


It seems there’s no stopping our vampire hottie Robert Pattinson from accumulating various praises and awards this year as he made it to Rolling Stones 2008 Hot List in their Hot Actor Category and just recently he was given accolades such as ranking 5th in the Forbes Break Out Stars List of 2008; topping Entertainment Weekly Break Out Stars of 2008 and topping ET’s Top 10 Hunks of 2008 and what more he gets additional 10 million dollars  per movie and his movie Twilight is still earning money grossing 173 million dollars worldwide as of last weekend. And to those of you who are interested here is the list of 2008 Rolling Stone Hit List.

The 2008 Hot List

Hot Actor | Robert Pattinson

Hot Band Everyone Wants to Be In | MGMT

Hot Gossip Girl | Leighton Meester

Hot Singer | Dhani Harrison

Hot Bombshell | Odette Yustman

Hot Rock Gods in Training | The Answer

Hot Production Duo | S*A*M and Sluggo

Hot Scary Sport | Scary Sport

Hot New Winona Ryders | Olivia Thirlby, Emma Stone, Hannah Bailey, Ellen Page, Kat Dennings

Hot Cast | Sean Penn and the Actors of Milk

Hot Rock Scene | Laurel Canyon

Hot Movie Drama | Where The Wild Things Are

Hot Biopic | Notorious

Hot Male Mood | Beta Macho

Hot Bedroom Trend | Green Sex Toys

Hot Comeback | Mickey Rourke

Hot International Crisis | U.S. Stars Losing Gossip Battle to Shameless Brit Girls

Hot Job | Denim Butler

Hot Multipurpose Drug | Ambien

Hot Scene-Stealer | Danny McBride of HBO’s Eastbound and Down

Hot Sci-Fi Beyoncé | Janelle Monáe

Hot “Safe” Drug | 2C-B

Hot Sort-Of Sequel | Russell Brand’s Aldous Snow

Hot Rocker Job | Bimbos Cantina

Hot Backlash | Michael Cera, Funny or Die, Auto-Tune

Hot Cultural Barometer | Drew Barrymore’s Lusty Heart

Hot Porn Star | Sasha Grey

Hot Creature | Werewolf

Hot Geek Angst | Watchmen Worry

Hot Folkie | Bon Iver

Hot Box | Death by Audio

Hot Revival | Drum Circles

Hot Star Magnet | Sam Spiegel



In what could have been a long time coming, Jeff Hardy has finally been handed his dream, the WWE Champion belt. It was a momentous event as even the announcers have kept quiet as Jeff Hardy takes in the moment and paid tribute to the fans who was cheering wildy for him and has been there all the way. After the show went off the air, Matt hardy has joined Jeff and hugged him. Then Triple H also went up and shook Jeff’s hand as well as hugged him. Congrats Jeff, i’m with you all the way. No matter what.

This is how the events happened at Armageddon 2008 courtesy of;

WWE Championship – Triple Threat Match
Edge (c) vs. Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy

They did ring introductions for challengers Jeff Hardy and Triple H and champion Edge.

The bell rings and Jeff Hardy goes after Edge right away. Triple H pulls him off. Hardy levels Edge and Triple H quickly. Hardy with kicks to Triple H. Hardy sends Edge into Triple H in the corner. Hardy sends Edge to the opposite corner and Triple H back into Edge. Hardy jumps off the back of Triple H who fell down and took out Edge with a big flying side kick. Hardy sends Triple H into the corner who goes flying over the top rope. Hardy tried to springboard onto Triple H from the ring, but Edge catches Hardy and pulls him back down. Hardy then sends Edge over the top rope. Hardy springboards over the top rope and takes out Edge as Triple H walks away. Triple H with a big clothesline on Hardy. Hardy with chops and shots to Triple H. Triple H then sends Hardy into the guard railing. Edge kicks Triple H in the face as Triple H attempts to return to the ring. Edge pulls Triple H in and hits some right hands. Edge with some more shots to Triple H. Triple H fires back with some of his own.

Edge responds with a big boot taking Triple H down. Cover by Edge and Triple H kicks out after two. Triple H with a flying knee to Edge. Triple H dodges a clothesline from Edge and drops Edge with a reverse neckbreaker. Triple H with a big clothesline on Edge in the corner. Another clothesline in the corner on Edge by Triple H. Triple H with a knee to the face on Edge, attempts a Pedigree, but Hardy returns and breaks it up. Triple H with a knee to the face on Hardy. Triple H attempts another Pedigree on Edge. Hardy springboards off the turnbuckle and hits a Whisper in the Wind taking out Triple H and Edge. Hardy with a takedown on Edge and pinfall attempt that Triple H breaks up. Hardy gets tied up on the top turnbuckle, but crotches himself. Edge gets up with Hardy, hooks an arm, Triple H puts Edge on his shoulders, backs up, Hardy flips backwards and takes out Edge as Triple H goes down with! Hardy covers Edge and Triple H breaks it up after two.

Triple H attempts a Pedigree on Hardy, but Hardy counters and catapults Triple H into the corner. Hardy dropkicks Triple H in the chest holding onto the corner. Edge with a pulldown neckbreaker on Hardy. Edge covers Hardy and Hardy kicks out after two. Edge misses a Spear on Hardy who jumps over Edge and Edge hits Triple H with a Spear in the corner. Hardy sends Edge out of the ring. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Triple H. Hardy goes up top, jumps and connects with the Swanton Bomb on Triple H. Jeff Hardy covers Triple H…1…2…and Edge pulls the referee out of the ring. Edge grabs Hardy, pulls him out of the ring and sends him into the guard railing. Edge nails Hardy face first off the ECW announce table. Hardy then sends Edge face first into the Raw announce table. Hardy then sends Edge into the guard railing. Hardy removes the top of the Smackdown announce table and clears it off. Hardy grabs Edge, slams his head off the Raw announce table and Triple H hits Hardy from behind with a lariat.

Triple H launches Edge across and over the ECW announce table. Triple H sends Hardy into the steel ring steps. Triple H clears off the Raw announce table and grabs Hardy. Triple H puts Hardy on top of the Raw announce table and lays in a few shots. Triple H stands up on the Raw announce table. Triple H gets Hardy up for a Pedigree. Hardy counters, attempts a Twist of Fate, Triple H dodges that, Edge runs up, misses Triple H and takes out Hardy with a Spear sending Hardy right through the Smackdown announce table! Triple H walks over and throws Edge back in the ring. Triple H attempts a Pedigree on Edge. Edge counters and hits Triple H with a big DDT. Edge is up first and charges. Triple H catches Edge with a big spinebuster. Triple H kicks Edge, hooks the arms and hits the Pedigree. Triple H covers Edge and Vladimir Kozlov pulls him out. Kozlov sends Triple H into the steel steps. Matt Hardy runs out and attacks Kozlov. Kozlov sends Matt Hardy into the guard railing.

Hardy is up on the top turnbuckle going for a Swanton Bomb when Kozlov pushes him off and Hardy crashes on the outside. Matt Hardy and Kozlov brawl up the entrance area. Edge is the only one left in the ring with Triple H and Jeff Hardy on the outside. Triple H rolls back in the ring. Edge pulls himself up as Triple H does as well. Edge with a Spear on Triple H. Edge hooks the leg on Triple H and Triple H kicks out after two. Edge can’t believe it and leaves the ring. Edge grabs two steel chairs and tosses them in the ring. Edge puts one chair under the head of Triple H and picks up the other one. Edge attempts a conchairto when Hardy pulls the chair back Edge had from the ring apron. Hardy cracks it over the head of Edge. Hardy goes up top and Triple H trips up Hardy crotching him on the top. Triple H with a Pedigree on Edge. Hardy comes flying off the top rope and connects with a Swanton Bomb over Edge. The force of the Swanton bumps Triple H out of the ring. Hardy covers Edge…1…2…3. Jeff Hardy has done it.


It looks like millionaire John Haynes has changed his tune. After all the name-calling, i.e. slimy toe-rag; with an intelligence of a 7-year old, etc., Haynes is now blaming his wife in the brouhaha involving him, Alyona and Manchester United winger slash home-wrecker??? Cristiano Ronaldo. Even going as far as portraying her as the hunter, the deceiver and the two-timer.

Ally, as Alyona calls herself, has been the one vigorously pursuing CR7 and telling him that she and Haynes have split up long ago, much to Haynes surprise.  He said that he and Ally still “went together as man and wife”. And that  just two weeks ago she have given him a card for his birthday that says “I’m still your true friend and still your wife”. He even implied that this is just one of the numerous times that they have been intimate. And now he’s just realizing that all this time Ally has been dangling him in case it didn’t work out with CR7.

However, the cleaning firm boss is positive that the relationship between Ally and CR7 will not last. Further saying that CR7 can have any ladies he likes and that Mama Dolores won’t let her loving son stick with the likes of her. Wow i hope the pundit in Mr. Haynes will manifest soon. And to update you, so far this year… Mama Dolores 3 (Gallardo, Filippi, Sylvia) CR7 Ho’s – Nil.


Forgive Me Mama for liking skanky girls so much. I can’t help it…

In another CR7 Ho’s update, it seems that Letizia Filippi is still around and has agreed to stripped off to pose naked for a calendar. If you can still recall, Letizia and CR7 met while he’s on holiday with then ex-girlfriend Nereida Gallardo in Sardinia. Letizia, who denied that she was the cause of the CR7/Gallardo break up even went to LA to follow him after his ankle surgery. But  the affair seem to fizzle out when the Premier League started and/or this was the time that CR7 has met Alyona and has forgotten to text Letizia thus ending their affair. Filippi is said to be keen in rekindling her romance with our dear boy despite the fact that it has been all over the tabloids that CR7 is now dating a married woman. She believes that once CR7 sees his amorinho naked photos in a saucy calendar shoot he will finally realised what he is missing.


I am going to take off all this. See what you’re missing CR7…

nereida-gallardo-pics-03I think I’m going to have the last laugh… 

Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo and Alyona Haynes met last August at an upmarket restaurant in Alderley Edge in Cheshire near CR7 mansion. CR7, after becoming smitten with the Ukranian has been said to have wooed Alyona on at least eight dates. Between a series of romantic dates and serial texting from our very dear CR7 they have grown closer and closer. It was at this point that the cleaning firm millionaire John Haynes, who was the real slimy toe rag in this saga, insisted that he has discovered the affair. He even sent Alyona on a trip to Kiev but unbeknownst to him Alyona went back to UK after 10 days.

However, Alyona who was furious at her ex-husband for dragging CR7 name in the scandal has maintained that they are already living separate lives before she met CR7. Friends said that she has left their home on September 13 and has found work in the fashion department in Selfridges in Manchester.  Those close friends also said that CR7 and Alyona’s is not a full-blown affair yet but it seems to be moving in that direction. And it’s obvious that CR7 is very keen to cat-loving-website-bride Alyona.

I think John Haynes should shut up already because its way obvious that he’s just using Cristiano. Maybe he should renew his membership at and try finding and seducing his next young bride. With his millions of pounds that won’t be a hardship really and he should learned his lesson that a woman with the look of his-soon-to-be-ex-wife is a very intelligent girl who knows how to find a younger and more richer men with a fame attach to his name…


CR7 Mansion in Alderly Edge in Cheshire


 The website where John Haynes will be looking for his next wife.


Another Cristiano Ronaldo wannabe WAG has surfaced. January 2009 FHM Bulgarian cover girl Sylvia, yes she goes by her first name only, has been the recipient of Manchester United winger “love texts”. Sylvia said that they have met in Sardinia while CR7 was on holiday with “the-girl-who-was-dumped-thru-a-text-message” Nereida Gallardo. Now it can be told, a lot of shenanigans has happened during that Sardinia trip. Remember Letizia Felippi?

During the interview with FHM Bulgaria and dailystar Sylvia said that she met CR7 when “he was sitting on the next table with some friends, he sent the waiter to me with a bottle of champagne and a note with his mobile number.” (Cool CR7 Moves No. 1) Since then they have been exchanging text messages. And now that CR7 affair with a married Olena (Alyona) Haynes has hit the tabloids, Sylvia claimed that she still receives texts while he dates Olena (Alyona). And although she believed that she and Ronaldo have a future together, she insists she’s not into threesomes and she hates man who cheated.

Olena (Alyona) Haynes updates: Words are going round that CR7 seems very keen on Olena although it’s still early to tell. He has wined and dined her in some expensive restaurants and has been texting her night and day. Ronaldo thinks Olena is very sexy and intelligent (huh?) and what more she loves animals. It is rumored that Olena’s love for pets is equal to that of her love for rich men. This is going to be one long CR7 saga. Stay tuned, folks.


Alyona Haynes

Cristiano Ronaldo has been accussed of wrecking millionaire’s John Haynes marriage to Ukranian Olena (Alyona) Haynes. Although the couple has long been estranged since September 13, 2008, Haynes was still devastated, betrayed and felt cheated on. He has filed for a divorce that will end their three years marriage. Haynes, who owns a cleaning firm, was already suspicious of his 25- year- old wife Olena, who by the way is the face of a website that finds Russian brides to lonely (and rich?) British men, and the worst was confirmed when he discovered more than 300 text messages between his wife and CR7, 49 of this was saved to Ronaldo’s name. It has been said that Haynes flew Olena to Kiev to end the affair but after 10 days Olena was back in UK and Haynes does not know this. The cuckolded Haynes was further incensed when a friend showed him a picture of CR7 and Olena leaving a restaurant together.   So far Ronaldo’s camp is quiet about this affair. And maybe the word mum is more appropriate. Or maybe CR7 is still smarting over the fact that his textability was degraded and humiliated.


The Picture that wrecks a marriage.


The face of a lonely hearts club website.