Yummy Yoann Gourcuff Does a Striptease

Posted: December 6, 2008 in Rumors, Soccer/Football, Sports
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Yummy Yoann Gourcuff, the man with the impossibly long eyelash has done a service to womankind indeed – he has run around in his black undies after the game between Bordeaux and Valenciennes, 2-1,  last friday. I know there’s an explanation for this, one does not normally stripped in the middle of the field but after Yoann swapped his tshirt to a Valenciennes player, his fans were clamouring something from him and that only left his shorts, bless him, so he took that off also and gave it to the fan in the stands. I think this kind of generosity should be encouraged in all players. Makes for a worthwhile game I’m telling you.

And move over Cristiano Ronaldo, Tetu Magazine whose gay radar has been activated around Gourcuff has just declared the Bordeaux and France national player as its “bomb of the month”, yes their December gay icon.  The girondins’ doe eyes, rebellious locks and tapering manly thighs was enough to land him that title. And what more he just says that he is SINGLE and doesn’t swear off! Where have you’ve been hiding Yoann?

This is the best i can find of his stripteasing… and the for the yummy video, courtesy of kickette.com





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