Text Stud Cristiano Ronaldo Strikes Again

Posted: December 8, 2008 in Rumors, Soccer/Football, Sports
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Another Cristiano Ronaldo wannabe WAG has surfaced. January 2009 FHM Bulgarian cover girl Sylvia, yes she goes by her first name only, has been the recipient of Manchester United winger “love texts”. Sylvia said that they have met in Sardinia while CR7 was on holiday with “the-girl-who-was-dumped-thru-a-text-message” Nereida Gallardo. Now it can be told, a lot of shenanigans has happened during that Sardinia trip. Remember Letizia Felippi?

During the interview with FHM Bulgaria and dailystar Sylvia said that she met CR7 when “he was sitting on the next table with some friends, he sent the waiter to me with a bottle of champagne and a note with his mobile number.” (Cool CR7 Moves No. 1) Since then they have been exchanging text messages. And now that CR7 affair with a married Olena (Alyona) Haynes has hit the tabloids, Sylvia claimed that she still receives texts while he dates Olena (Alyona). And although she believed that she and Ronaldo have a future together, she insists she’s not into threesomes and she hates man who cheated.

Olena (Alyona) Haynes updates: Words are going round that CR7 seems very keen on Olena although it’s still early to tell. He has wined and dined her in some expensive restaurants and has been texting her night and day. Ronaldo thinks Olena is very sexy and intelligent (huh?) and what more she loves animals. It is rumored that Olena’s love for pets is equal to that of her love for rich men. This is going to be one long CR7 saga. Stay tuned, folks.


Alyona Haynes

  1. nrlanga says:

    I liked the title you have given to a photograph : A picture that wracked marriage ! You write very smoothly, making the words enjoyable.

    Naval Langa

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