Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Love Saga… Details, details…

Posted: December 10, 2008 in Rumors, Soccer/Football, Sports
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Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo and Alyona Haynes met last August at an upmarket restaurant in Alderley Edge in Cheshire near CR7 mansion. CR7, after becoming smitten with the Ukranian has been said to have wooed Alyona on at least eight dates. Between a series of romantic dates and serial texting from our very dear CR7 they have grown closer and closer. It was at this point that the cleaning firm millionaire John Haynes, who was the real slimy toe rag in this saga, insisted that he has discovered the affair. He even sent Alyona on a trip to Kiev but unbeknownst to him Alyona went back to UK after 10 days.

However, Alyona who was furious at her ex-husband for dragging CR7 name in the scandal has maintained that they are already living separate lives before she met CR7. Friends said that she has left their home on September 13 and has found work in the fashion department in Selfridges in Manchester.  Those close friends also said that CR7 and Alyona’s is not a full-blown affair yet but it seems to be moving in that direction. And it’s obvious that CR7 is very keen to cat-loving-website-bride Alyona.

I think John Haynes should shut up already because its way obvious that he’s just using Cristiano. Maybe he should renew his membership at and try finding and seducing his next young bride. With his millions of pounds that won’t be a hardship really and he should learned his lesson that a woman with the look of his-soon-to-be-ex-wife is a very intelligent girl who knows how to find a younger and more richer men with a fame attach to his name…


CR7 Mansion in Alderly Edge in Cheshire


 The website where John Haynes will be looking for his next wife.


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