Cristiano Ronaldo is Vain

Posted: December 31, 2008 in Entertainment, Soccer/Football
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Yes, it’s confirmed, CR7 confesses that he is indeed vain. Admitting that he has undergone cosmetic things particularly fixing his crooked teeth and has wore braces for a few months to straighten his teeth. He also admits shaving his chest and would like to change his hairstyle. No wonder a lot of women has gone ga-ga over him, who wouldn;t like a guy who primps a lot? If only CR7 could find solace with his beauty regimen, then he could have played better  for Man United and not those crap shit he’s been showing us lately? He is so not Ballon D’Or worthy at this moment, imagine being involved in a series of altercations with opponents. He should focus on making goals and not perfecting his diving. He’s aced it already and he’s become a serial one in fact. Maybe a few days of stay in Portugal would do him a lot of good and then he could find that missing spark that has been sorely lacking in him.



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