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I’m obsessed with football and i always think that I live in the wrong continent. I should have been in Europe so that i won’t have to sleep late always if there’s a fixture going on… Yeah i wish. I hope my two imaginary boyfriends, Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo would hear my fervent wish and whisk me away from here to live in a place near them or better yet in their home. Anyhoo, if  i’m as rich as Roman Abramovich or Silvio Berlusconi and i have the means to own a football team and i am allowed to have unlimited access to players, the following are the players i want in my team. And yes, being good-looking is one of the requirements. Indulge me.

casillas_glove_3 Goalkeeper: Iker Casillas (Real Madrid) – He is definitely a keeper. As a captain for Spain, he has led the team in capturing its first European Championship in 44 years! For me he is the world’s best goalkeeper and FIFA seemed to agree with me as he is currently ranked 4th in the 2008 FIFA World Player of the Year Award.


xabi_alonso_280x390_500401a Xabi Alonso (Liverpool) – A memberof my favorite team, he comes from a family of footballing prowess. His ability to pass the ball in an exhibitionist way is one of the thing i like about him. He could spot a teammate even from afar and could pass over the ball with deadly and uncanny accuracy. A member of Spain international, his highest honor to date is winning the Euro 2008 Cup.

philiplahm Philip Lahm (Bayern Munich) – a defender both for his team and country, Lahm is the bestt fullback i know and i like the way he paced, dribbled and crossed in the field despite his small stature. He could run the ball both from right and left flank. He is simply the best.

garics_scheda Gyorgy Garics – (Atalanta) I saw him while he was still playing for Napoli in the Serie A against Inter and  he was good as an attacking wingback and the years to come will be good for him as evidenced by the fact that he was called up for the Vienna national team.

grossoooo Fabio Grosso (Lyon) – Who could ever forget this hunky Italian? Remember World Cup 2006? Yeah, i know. I was rooting for Germany back then after England was… never mind, i would rather forget that whole episode. But Fabio, I could never hate him after one look at his face and even if he delivered that late dramatic winning goal against Germany in the semi final i changed allegiance so fast during the final that i completely forgot i love Zizou.  And Fabio never disappointed me as he scored the winning penalty in the shootout that win Italy their trophy.


steven-gerrard1 Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) – A member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), Stevie G is the man i would like to captain England in their quest to get the World Cup trophy. He is a one-man goal scoring machine and though i like seeing him played as a center midfielder, i know he could play best as a striker. And he is ever so sweet, he has inscribed his daughters name in his football boots and i heard that its his lucky pair.

7 Yoann Gourcuff (Bordeaux) – I saw him play for AC Milan once alongside Kaka but the moment I noticed him was when he was playing in the France national team and since then i followed his career when he was loaned to Bordeaux and I’m proud to say that AC Milan lost was Bordeaux gain. I am positive to say that this Girondins will be the next Zizou.

sebastian_kehl Sebastian Kehl (B. Dortmund) – He was my big time crush in the World Cup 2006. I love the way he passed the ball and the way he tackled his opponent and he was a key player and he’s proven this especially when he was made captain for his team Borussia Dortmund. And no i will not mentioned the “clothing malfunction” that made him so famous around the world…

cristiano_ronaldo_493242a Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) – Currently the world’s best player. His ability to dribble the ball and crossing is one the best thing i admired about him and of course his goal scoring. For me he is the definition of sexy football. I just dont like it when he dives, and he really does it a lot. He is one serial diver.


5915684 Fernando Torres (Liverpool) – El Nino. I always wondered why he was overlooked by the biggest team in Spain. But then La Liga’s lost is the Premier League’s gain. Liverpool’s bonafide superstar next to Steven Gerrard, Nando given precious time barring injury will make Cristiano Ronaldo trembled in his football boots in the years to come. And CR7 should take this is a warning as according to the survey, Nando is the best loved Premier League player while he was the most hated.

lionelmessiitv_767129 Lionel Messi (Barcelona) – I am saving this best for last. Lionel Messi will be undoubtedly this year best player of the world. And i would so dearly love to see him play for the Premier League but then he fit so nicely with Barcelona that its a joy to watch La Liga again.    For me he is the only one to succeed Diego Maradona even if Atletico’s Sergio Aguero could rival him for this title, never mind that Aguero is Maradona’s son-in-law. I love the way he run across the field evading six opponents and then scoring a goal. He always does that and its never tiresome to watch it. Look out Cristiano the Messidona is out to get you.


Today is “No CR7 News” Day. I’m going to let him be for a day since there is nothing salacious and controversial about him lately. We’ll just let it rest for now. I was surfing earlier for something funny to make my day and i discovered this wonderful site and it really made my day.

I’m sure most men would want to have their eyes check if the eye chart would look like this:


Squint all you want guys, i bet you’re never going to see the bottom and if you do, wow, you sure have bionic eyes.

Super Hottie Robert Pattinson attended the Oscar and he cut a dashing figure so reminiscent of Edward Cullen that i thougth it was Edward Cullen who attended the Oscar. But it was all Robert Pattinson in his tuxedo with a scruff look that is so undeniably sexy and a matching Brit charm. I’m sure scream could be heard all around when he walk in the red carpet. When it was time for him to present a montage of romantic films along with Amanda Seyfried who started the spiels with a  speech along this line, “that since the beginning of the cinema, films have tried to figure several key things about love”, and at this point, Robert added, “What it is, how to get it, how to keep it and what to do when it goes incredibly wrong.” Then Rob charmed the crowd when he jokingly add, “I had to become a vampire to find it!” Nice work for his first time presentation.


I had to become a vampire to find it!

I had to become a vampire to find it!

Finally we have a name. Remember what i wrote about the new blonde in Cristiano Ronaldo’s life? She’s no other than Olivia Saunders, a Management and leisure student at Manchester University. The eighteen year old student seem to be an unlikely match for our deviating CR7 as for one, she is blonde and i believe that explains everything. If you could dissect CR7 lovelife you would notice that he has quite a passion for brunettes and last year alone he was linked to a bevy of brunette beauties the likes of which includes Nereida Gallardo, Luciana Abreu, Letizia Filippi and of course who could forget Alyona Haynes? With this long list of girls that comes and goes to the winger’s life it seems he’s on the lookout for something different.

The couple met at a Manchester nightclub (of course, where else could it be?) where Olivia work as a promotions girl. And CR7 has already wined and dined our uni girl which is really quite a blessing as The Daily Mail reported that Olivia is a typical struggling student.

Well’ we just look and see how long this relationship will last… Stay tuned.



My favorite Liverpool striker Fernando Torres is set to marry his childhood sweetheart Olalla Dominguez and that the couple is expecting their first child. Actually, we’ve been waiting for this event to happen ever since we’ve seen this cute couple and finally it’s here. It is said that Nando plans to keep the event low key and that the wedding will take place in Santiago Compostela in Northern Spain. Liverpool teammates, Steven Gerrard and Pepe Reina to name a few, are expected to attend and I guess all his sexy and hottie Spain international mates.

Nando and Olalla has been an item for eight years and they were living together in Madrid before they moved to UK. The two have met during those summer spent at the seaside town of Estorde, Galicia, North West Spain where both family visited for summer vacations. Olalla is not your ordinary WAG as she has studied economics and is said to be working in PR firm. Nando has only good things to say for his intended bride: “She knows how to calm me down when I haven’t been able to see the way out of the tunnel or wake me up when I’ve been sleeping. She pushes me when I needed to be encouraged. The person that lives with you is sometimes the only one capable of helping you up when you don’t realize how down you are.”

Oh, isn’t he sweet? And another manifestation of his sweetness, Nando has the Roman numerals VII-VII-MMI tattoed on his left leg to mark their first kiss on July 7, 2001. Sorry girls it looks like our Liverpool ace is so keen to his future bride.


It’s CR7 24th birthday yesterday, February 5 and our dear Manchester United winger admits that he loves to be hated. And fans must have felt it too because lately he was voted as the Most Hateful Man in the Premier League. CR7 said that he has come to term with this and he uses the fans animosity to his advantage. And sometimes he worry when fans don’t boo or target him because he thrives during those moments when the boo-boys are active.  He even encourage the boys to boo him so that he could surpass the 42 goals he had last year. What a contradiction he is. I mean all of us, one way or another, must care what other people think of us. You may be rich or not, but what others think always matter. CR7 said he wanted to be the best in the world but can he do that when a lot people hated him? Just asking.

In another CR7 matter, the result of the inquiry on the Ferrari crash that involved CR7  last month showed that the car had no defect. The Sun reported  that ” the brakes as well as the other safety systems worked perfectly and were in no way associated with the cause of the accident.” So if that is the case CR7 driving skills will be the one in question and will be investigated further.

Last week a picture of CR7  was taken after he has dined at the Gusto Restaurant on Alderley’s London Road. And he looked every inch the “metro-sexual” man that he is.


With all the furor caused by CR7 good friend and Real Madrid player Pepe interview on the possible transfer of CR7 to Real Madrid this summer, picture of Mama Dolores holding a picture of CR7 in a Real Madrid jersey has surfaced on the net.


FIFA Footballer of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo has just bought himself a hotel overlooking the sea at Porto Santo, an island near his home in Madeira and estimated to be $11.6 million. Before we know it CR7 is going to own the world. Crazy, I know, but it was just a thought anyway. Slowly it’s going to be a reality as CR7; a moniker which, by the way, is already claimed and registered under the National Institute of Industrial Property in Lisbon; is going to “ronopolized” the real estate world with all his savvy real estate investments. To list a few of his properties, he already owns a £4m house in Cheshire, a villa and a flat near Lisbon, a house he bought  for Mama Dolores, two boutiques for his sister, and the recently $8.9 million sci-fi estate being built in Portugal which he termed his dream house. Wow, with all this things attached to his name, girls are going to be so crazy in pursuing him. He would be like a dazzling flame to all those girls with “dollar-signs in their eyes.” It’s a good thing Mama Dolores is going to be there overseeing her son’s “interests”.


Speaking of Mama Dolores, it seems it is her dream to see her son don the Real Madrid jersey if CR7 fellow Portugal International Pepe is to be believed.

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother has a dream: seeing her son play for Real Madrid. And everybody knows that mothers carry great weight,” Pepe told Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) in an interview. Pepe is a good friend of CR7 and plays for Real Madrid.

But is CR7 going to be CR9 in the summer? A rumor has it that Cristiano Ronaldo had already reportedly registered ‘CR9’ as a trademark as he was promised the number 9 shirt by Real Madrid. Mama Dolores wants him to move to Spain and soon. And CR7, his mother, his family has made it clear that their collective dream is to see him play for Real Madrid. Let’s just wait and see.


a shirtless CR7 as i want to see him in an all white jersey…