It was quite a weekend indeed when we are deluged with the mighty prowess of the Spanish hottie DNA from two continents.

Galacticos Raúl González joined Alfredo di Stefano as Real Madrid’s all-time leading scorer with a second-half goal in a 2-0 victory at Numancia, with the other goal coming from Arjen Robben who is proving to be such a great partner for Raul. Raúl’s goal in the 48th minute, last Saturday, takes his goal tally to 307 in his 15th season making him the second all-time leader scorer next to Di Stefano who played for Madrid from 1953 to 1964.

Spain Soccer

In Australia, Rafael “Rafa” Nadal made Roger Federer cried when he took home the Aussie Open trophy after the five-set battle against Fed-ex. Now it can be told, Rafa is becoming a true Legend of Tennis. Already at the age of 22, he now has won grand-slam titles on three surfaces and he has exceeded The Fedex record at that age. Rafa was ever so sweet in thanking the crying Federer for the win although “he knows what he is feeling” said in that sexy heavenly accented English.


While Rafa is still high on adrenalin from his victory, he was watching fellow Spanish hottie Fernando “El Nino” Torres as he made two goals that completely erases the horrifying January from Liverpool history. It was a much deserved and needed 2-0 win against rivals Chelsea and keep Liverpool in the Premier League title race.



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