Hey, It’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s Birthday.

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Rumors, Soccer/Football, Sports
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It’s CR7 24th birthday yesterday, February 5 and our dear Manchester United winger admits that he loves to be hated. And fans must have felt it too because lately he was voted as the Most Hateful Man in the Premier League. CR7 said that he has come to term with this and he uses the fans animosity to his advantage. And sometimes he worry when fans don’t boo or target him because he thrives during those moments when the boo-boys are active.  He even encourage the boys to boo him so that he could surpass the 42 goals he had last year. What a contradiction he is. I mean all of us, one way or another, must care what other people think of us. You may be rich or not, but what others think always matter. CR7 said he wanted to be the best in the world but can he do that when a lot people hated him? Just asking.

In another CR7 matter, the result of the inquiry on the Ferrari crash that involved CR7  last month showed that the car had no defect. The Sun reported  that ” the brakes as well as the other safety systems worked perfectly and were in no way associated with the cause of the accident.” So if that is the case CR7 driving skills will be the one in question and will be investigated further.

Last week a picture of CR7  was taken after he has dined at the Gusto Restaurant on Alderley’s London Road. And he looked every inch the “metro-sexual” man that he is.


With all the furor caused by CR7 good friend and Real Madrid player Pepe interview on the possible transfer of CR7 to Real Madrid this summer, picture of Mama Dolores holding a picture of CR7 in a Real Madrid jersey has surfaced on the net.


  1. Fc Madera says:

    Hey his birthday is on mine birthday!!!!!! Febuary 5 yep and im proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hafsah says:

    it was your birthday yesterday happy birthdayy

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