Fernando Torres is getting married

Posted: February 9, 2009 in Rumors, Soccer/Football, Sports
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My favorite Liverpool striker Fernando Torres is set to marry his childhood sweetheart Olalla Dominguez and that the couple is expecting their first child. Actually, we’ve been waiting for this event to happen ever since we’ve seen this cute couple and finally it’s here. It is said that Nando plans to keep the event low key and that the wedding will take place in Santiago Compostela in Northern Spain. Liverpool teammates, Steven Gerrard and Pepe Reina to name a few, are expected to attend and I guess all his sexy and hottie Spain international mates.

Nando and Olalla has been an item for eight years and they were living together in Madrid before they moved to UK. The two have met during those summer spent at the seaside town of Estorde, Galicia, North West Spain where both family visited for summer vacations. Olalla is not your ordinary WAG as she has studied economics and is said to be working in PR firm. Nando has only good things to say for his intended bride: “She knows how to calm me down when I haven’t been able to see the way out of the tunnel or wake me up when I’ve been sleeping. She pushes me when I needed to be encouraged. The person that lives with you is sometimes the only one capable of helping you up when you don’t realize how down you are.”

Oh, isn’t he sweet? And another manifestation of his sweetness, Nando has the Roman numerals VII-VII-MMI tattoed on his left leg to mark their first kiss on July 7, 2001. Sorry girls it looks like our Liverpool ace is so keen to his future bride.


  1. Hamad al sager says:

    lol Go Fernando

  2. You really do like Ronaldo

  3. Anum Waseem says:

    WHAT THE F***????? I know Nando personally and last time i checked, he WASN”T getting married!!!!

  4. Key says:

    lmfao!!! she’s so ugly!!!

  5. qizem says:

    torrres türkiye-ispanya maçında yorgunluktan bi hal oldu ama yakışıklı çocuk allah için 😀

  6. Shorty says:

    Torres has cheated on his little bride while on her trip to SPain last year over the net…he had cyber ^%# each night and i know this girl that has pics of his you know what….ha hah….if he did it to her the first time he will do it to her time and time again…lmfao….poor dumb wag

  7. ina says:

    i love fernandooooooooooo torressssssss

  8. jenn says:

    I think Fernando is amasing!!! and I hope it is not true that he would ever go behind her back cuz this restores our faith in men that there is someone out there hot and honest enough to be faithful, loving and caring!

  9. my22immortal says:

    u konw …….. i don’t have the words 2 express my feelings sooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrdddddddd any way.
    cong.. have a good life n take care of each other i need some time 2 belive this

  10. daria says:

    all u guys that said ftorres goes behind olalla’s back snd f*k other girls, u r all haters! ftorres is a sweet faithful man that will take care of olallla and his daughter, nora 4ever and always. be a good sport and be happy for them!

  11. Bahar torres says:

    It is impossible i dont appropriate fernando soon and must yo divorce becouse i love i love soooooooooooo fernando Oh My God It is really impossible i want cry bunu bana yapma nolur o benim first askim ben yakinda englande gidicekdim

  12. Bahar torres says:

    kahretsin zaten her sey turkiye ispanya macinda oldu keske o maci izlemeseydim en buyuk asklar nefretle baslar diyorlarya benimkide oyle oldu o macda torresi hic sevmemistim ama simdi ona siirler yaziyorum Allah kahretsin diyorum translate same

  13. maribel says:

    what he cheated on her oh my god who’s the girl who has pictures of his ding dong? yuck i hate her I hate that perra!

  14. maribel says:

    what he showed his you know what? how could it be? eeeew that’s nasty oh my god she doesnt really love him The babies are soo cute I can’t deny that almas hair is just awwwwwwwww damn cute babies and lol yh what is glen wearing? Torres was alone at the athletico game too n didn’t look too impressed. Bless him where’s his other half in this? She should have went to cheer him up or let him take nora she is sooo cute that’s bound to cheer him up!! he cheated on her because she’s never there and shes ugly!!!

  15. Honey Bee Bubus says:

    what the hell he cheated on her thats why she allegedly cheated on Torres with John Terry? Ewww! Shes not beautiful and she seemas very arrogant& too normal for hima and too bland

  16. Celia 6uadalupe Torres says:

    i think he deszerves a better wife if she loves him then why in the fuck she didnt go with him to play against another team away from stamford bridge and why she was bored at the game she only cares about shopping u see i hate her so much! Pinche cara de espanta pajaros! Pinche bruha im glad Torres cheated on her with my cousin Dulce Torres cuz shes twice better than her! Hahaha if he showed his ding dong to antoher girl then its Olallas fault for leaving him alone so much shes an ungraeteful bitch! She cant even unthank him!

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