Finally we have a name. Remember what i wrote about the new blonde in Cristiano Ronaldo’s life? She’s no other than Olivia Saunders, a Management and leisure student at Manchester University. The eighteen year old student seem to be an unlikely match for our deviating CR7 as for one, she is blonde and i believe that explains everything. If you could dissect CR7 lovelife you would notice that he has quite a passion for brunettes and last year alone he was linked to a bevy of brunette beauties the likes of which includes Nereida Gallardo, Luciana Abreu, Letizia Filippi and of course who could forget Alyona Haynes? With this long list of girls that comes and goes to the winger’s life it seems he’s on the lookout for something different.

The couple met at a Manchester nightclub (of course, where else could it be?) where Olivia work as a promotions girl. And CR7 has already wined and dined our uni girl which is really quite a blessing as The Daily Mail reported that Olivia is a typical struggling student.

Well’ we just look and see how long this relationship will last… Stay tuned.




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