Hardy vs. Hardy Is On

Posted: March 19, 2009 in Entertainment, Wrestling
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Houston, we have a sibling problem.

After weeks of taunting and betrayal on the part of his brother Matt Hardy, thus causing Jeff Hardy his championship belt, the Charismatic Enigma has finally agreed to fight him at Wrestlemania 25. A Brother vs. Brother Match. Wow, it has an ominous ring to it. I’m not really a fan of Matt and Jeff feuding but I have to admit I’m enjoying their verbal interaction so much and I’m in awe of how much heat Matt Hardy is generating nowadays. Matt is a friend in MySpace and the comments he was receiving is truly horrible and it only shows how effective he is as a heel. The brotherly feud is kind of different and reminiscent of the Owen and Bret Hart match as well as the Undertaker vs Kane match as it was the heel who is very keen on asking for a fight and the baby face refuses. But finally the face relented and we are in for an extreme match between the brothers. As for me, I want Jeff to win of course. No need to ask. And for the other matches especially the Shawn Michael vs. The Undertaker Match, the Taker’s undefeated streak will have to end and the 25th Wrestlemania is the time for it. Afterall the Taker has never win agains the Heartbreak Kid, ever… So on the road to Wrestlemania, let us allow ourselves to just sit back and be entertained.


Brother vs Brother


  1. Bradpete says:

    Batista is so famous even in Korea they likes him. Chilren idolized him.

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