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It’s been all over the net that Jeff Hardy has not made any action in extending his contract at WWE. His contract will expire this July and it has been mentioned that Jeff was getting tired of the rigorous, and for me, an unrealistic schedule being followed by WWE. After everything that happened this year in his life it is understandable that he’s craving a change. But then its still three months until his contract ends. And i really hope and pray that he will honor the terms particularly in the first 10 days of July as the WWE House show will be in Manila, and i already bought the expensive tickets just to see him… But whatever decision he made and if it will be the best for him, i’m sure Jeff Hardy fans will be behind him and he could always come back. Right?

As of this moment, Jeff is in Europe for a series of house shows and (spoiler alert) Matt Hardy was busted open during their street fight as the continuation of Hardy vs Hardy that will culminate at Backlash.

Oh yeah… Here’s something for you to salivate on. A shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo… Yummy…

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

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It was sort of anticlimactic as Manchester United winger and Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo scored a sensational goal against Porto in the CL quarter final earning them a semifinal clash against Sir Alex Ferguson fiercest rival and most hated person Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal. The goal was indeed a great strike whichever way you look at it. Even CR7, upon watching the replay was wowwed himself and he said that “it was his best goal scored” and i will add ever to that. If you look at the diagram below (courtesy of the goal was so far out and it looks like CR7 has hit it with 64 mph.


And of course if we mentioned CR7, Real Madrid is not far behind. Real Madrid former president Ramon Calderon has made a very intriguing remark regarding soon-to-be Cr9; “Anyone who becomes president (of Real Madrid) will have at his disposal one of the best players in the world who is already formally committed  to Real. I cannot give any names, but all I can say is that thanks to the difficult and laborious work I did last year, he is already formally a Madrid player.

Oooh, I wonder what Sir Alex will say about that?


My fave maker of jeweled tshirt Toney The Tshirt Jeweler which have an online botique at Toney and Co. has just made a Cristiano Ronaldo shirt, the first one being made for our dear Manchester United winger. It cost 40 pounds.


Drool-worthy and sinfully delectable Robert Pattinson has bared half his chest (i don’t even think half chest is a word) for the New Moon poster, the next in the series in the Twilight saga which will be shown on November 20, 2009. Eventhough Edward Cullen is half-missing in the New Moon story i noticed that all the movie hype is centered on him. Well, i dont mind really, so long as he is visible in most part…

And with the way the “Robert Pattinson Mania” is affecting the population, this picture of him that has surface the net is so sizzling and utterly compelling i’m sure girls and gay alike are suffering from hormonal overload… So hot. (Yuck, now i sound like Perez Hilton, God forbid.)