Robert Pattinson Semi Naked New Moon Poster… Oh yeah!

Posted: April 2, 2009 in Entertainment, Twilight, Twilight Series
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Drool-worthy and sinfully delectable Robert Pattinson has bared half his chest (i don’t even think half chest is a word) for the New Moon poster, the next in the series in the Twilight saga which will be shown on November 20, 2009. Eventhough Edward Cullen is half-missing in the New Moon story i noticed that all the movie hype is centered on him. Well, i dont mind really, so long as he is visible in most part…

And with the way the “Robert Pattinson Mania” is affecting the population, this picture of him that has surface the net is so sizzling and utterly compelling i’m sure girls and gay alike are suffering from hormonal overload… So hot. (Yuck, now i sound like Perez Hilton, God forbid.)

  1. KarenAnn says:

    The poster of Robert has to be a fake. His head shot for this poster is the very same head shot taken during a photo shoot for Twilight. Every hair and shadow and tilt of head is the same. BUT!!! What a lovely hunk of man. I have this picture on my desk top. Plan on buying the post too. It well be a poster, right? I just turned 60 and he makes me feel 20 all over again.

  2. Tosha says:

    omg he is so FIIIINNNNEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would tap him to CHINA and back.

  3. Lizzy says:

    It’z fake & who eva done dis is a major looser

  4. Юлька says:

    Мля ржу не могу. Ппц пацталом))))))))

  5. janaina says:

    que corpitio sexi

  6. jill says:

    Robert Pattinson is not hot at all. he is soooo pathetic he was even unable to get real abs for the movies, his are spray on abs. he is a bad acrtor, and he is just unattractive all around. if you want a hot actor, go with taylor laurent (Jacob). he is hot, AND a good actor.

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