Jeff Hardy Retiring?

Posted: April 22, 2009 in Sports, Wrestling
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It’s been all over the net that Jeff Hardy has not made any action in extending his contract at WWE. His contract will expire this July and it has been mentioned that Jeff was getting tired of the rigorous, and for me, an unrealistic schedule being followed by WWE. After everything that happened this year in his life it is understandable that he’s craving a change. But then its still three months until his contract ends. And i really hope and pray that he will honor the terms particularly in the first 10 days of July as the WWE House show will be in Manila, and i already bought the expensive tickets just to see him… But whatever decision he made and if it will be the best for him, i’m sure Jeff Hardy fans will be behind him and he could always come back. Right?

As of this moment, Jeff is in Europe for a series of house shows and (spoiler alert) Matt Hardy was busted open during their street fight as the continuation of Hardy vs Hardy that will culminate at Backlash.

  1. Jared says:

    That’s just awful. Jeff is such a great wrestler. But I hear those WWE schedules are pure insanity, so I can’t blame him.

  2. cee says:

    jeff hardy is the best wwe in the world. go jeff gooooooooooo.

  3. Antonio says:

    i am the fan number #1 of Jeffrey Nero Hardy jajajajaja la verdad es que yo soy Mexicano y no se hablar mucho el ingles lo que si se es que yo soy un gran admirador de Jeff Hardy. se todo acerca de el y en la escuela lo imito, incluso ya me lastime 2 veces por aventarme del escritorio de mis maestros el “SWANTON BOMB” yo tengo 13 años y la verdad es que estoy estudiando para ser como el. Al igual que el tengo un perro se que el suyo se llama…… bueno se llamaba Jack el que murio cuando su casa se quemó pero en fin el mio se llama Tommy es un mini-toy jajajaja mi sueño es poder verlo de cerca y pues si se puede hablar con el

    • imadivaprincess says:

      Es agradable saber que te gusta Jeff como yo. ¿Ha oído que está ahora en el TNA? Yo lo vi cuando estaba en Manila en septiembre pasado y que es tan agradable, especialmente para los fans … buscarlo en Twitter si quieres decir hola …

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