Cristiano Ronaldo and his Routemaster Bus Dream

Posted: May 6, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Well CR7 dream of playing for Real Madrid may be dead for now but there is another dream he has that he wants fulfilled and that is to own a Routemaster Bus, yup that Double-Decker Red bus that is as iconic as the Big Ben is when you think of London. It seems our Manchester United winger wants to drives around the countryside. And doting uncle that he is to his nephews and nieces, he also wants the bus for them to play in.

Although the red bus is no longer operational still the bus reminds CR7 of the time whenever he thinks of England, the red bus comes to his mind. The bus can be bought at £10,000, a peanut sum for CR7 who earns so much as the best centre forward in the football world today. So the next time you’re near Cheshire and you see a red bus coming, chances are CR7 is in the driver seat.



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