Cristiano Ronaldo is a Petulant Spoilt

Posted: May 12, 2009 in Soccer/Football, Sports
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Yes, i know everyone knows it by now. Last sunday’s derby between Manchester United and Manchester City showcased how Cristiano Ronaldo sucks sulks. I wonder what’s the fuss all about, I mean CR7 could pout and he does it prettily too but the reaction of the audience, some of them, is open-mouthed shock. It was really entertaining. From the moment when CR7 was talking to Sir Alex Ferguson about being substituted, pleading his case to the moment he throws the tracksuit as well as that manly hissy fit on the way to the bench, whew, only CR7 could do that. But have you noticed something? It looks as if Sir Alex is afraid of “rocking the boat” and decided to ignore CR7 sulking? But whatever happened in the dressing room, we will only know about it when CR7 decides to write his autobio and that could be many years from now…    





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