It bye bye time. Yes, Gabriela Endringer is now a footnote in Cristiano Ronaldo’s life as she talks about CR7 in a racy interview with FHM. Whatever happened to her police dad who is so against her posing in whatever magazine. Wow, the lure of money. Anyways, Gabi has posed for FHM and i cannot describe my feelings as i look at her pictures at News of the World, can you imagine CR7 and this girl?


But together they’ve been and now that Gabi, (poor taste on the part of News of the World for calling her a stunning gym instructor, duh!) has been relegated to an EX she can freely talk about, with payment, of course her sexual activity with CR7. There’s really nothing new to say on her part, because it has been said by a a lot of CR7 hos, the “vanity” thing, the female dominatrix part. Poor CR7, if only he can find a good girlfriend as good as he is in making goal, his sex life wouldn’t be such a fodder for gossip. And Gabi wondered why they have not spoken since their split?  Maybe she should look at herself and how she used her friend to picture the two of them for the media to splash in the tabloids. She was quoted as saying: “There wasn’t a conversation, we just moved apart. He went his way and I went my way.” Went she did, straight to the listening ears of the tabloids…

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