Barcelona FC: Simply Brilliant

Posted: May 28, 2009 in Soccer/Football, Sports
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Last night Champions’ League finale at Roma was a memorable and historical night for Barcelona FC as they clinches a treble, the first in Spain side to win a European and domestic treble. Copa del Rey. Check. La Liga. Check. Champions League. Check… and Manager Pep Guardiola, who was described by the incomparable Terry Venables as as an exceptional bright lad, intelligent player and  a good manager, must be in seventh heaven right now. Pep has joined the elite group of having the honor of lifting the European Cup both as a coach as well as a player.

It was obvious that Manchester United was struggling and every move and changes of position that Sir Alex made, Barcelona was at par to make the necessary adjustment. And as for the two best player in the world who was in the field last night, it was a glaring fact that Lionel Messi has proven who was the best of the best. And Cristiano Ronaldo was a picture of Pique’d and frustration as if the events of last year never happened at all… Poor dear CR7, at least you have a new Brazilian girlfriend to concentrate in the next two months of rest.Manchester United V Barcelona

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  1. bobbygee says:

    It was a classic butt whopping given by Barca to Man U. Great match not. It was a blow out. It wasn’t even close. Check out my blog. Bobby Gee

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