OMFG! Twilight Saga New Moon Movie Stills Pictures

Posted: May 28, 2009 in Entertainment, Twilight, Twilight Series
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Oh my effing God! I have new pictures from the Twilight Saga New Moon courtesy of Stephenie Meyer in her facebook. Take your fill. Edward Cullen is way way soooooo hot…

New Moon

Bella and Edward in Italy

Hot Edward and Bella

  1. Dirtfreak says:

    Omg Rob is soooooo hot! P.S. I’m a girl not a gay guy!! anyway im so happy they’re together!!!

  2. Gessy says:

    Rob is so hot in this pic… question…. why does he have freckles-moles-dots all over him? does he have some unknown skin diesease? I NEED TO KNOW!!!! by the way he totally looks so hot.

  3. NIkki says:

    The freckles help the diamond look when the film is done!

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