Cristiano Ronaldo Sightings in Italy

Posted: June 2, 2009 in Entertainment, Rumors, Soccer/Football
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Ohlala. Its football time-off once again and we football-fans-who-loves-football-players have two months of summer to look forward to. Months of seeing players going to the beach or taking the plunge with their longtime girlfriends or speculating as to who will transfer to this and that team. And this year is going to be glorious and fabulous, i bet. Someone worth watching this summer, is of course our dear Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo.

This early  CR7 can be seen gallivanting in Italy. Wanting to forget the Roma debacle, CR7 and friends went to the beach. He was spotted wearing his favorite outfit of very tight white shorts, very tight gray shorts, string of pearls, sunglasses, and the worst he was seen with is that he has pink flower tucked behind his ears. If he is here in the Philippines, tucking flowers in right ear would mean being single and very much available but i’m talking about the girls. I wonder what does it mean for a man wearing flower in his ears? Haven’t heard of any custom like that. Anyways, let’s just feast our eyes as CR7 strut the beach in his almost-naked glory.






photos from dailymail and theinsider.

  1. drew javier says:

    kalami nimog pitoy uie.

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