Jeff Hardy May Stay at WWE

Posted: June 7, 2009 in Rumors, Wrestling
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In the past few weeks, internet has been riffed with rumors that Jeff Hardy, the former WWE Champion, might take an indefinite leave of absence once his contract is up this summer. And rumors that the creative arms of the WWE has already been preparing for his departure after The Great American Bash pay-per-view has made the rounds. But in a recent interview with  Danny Salas’ radio show on 94.9FM in California, Jeff Hardy was made aware of the internet rumors about his leaving WWE and he was quoted saying “There is nothing concrete. We haven’t decided yet.” I’m sure Vince McMahon may be glad of hearing this tiny little ray of hope that Jeff Hardy sprouted. It has been known that Mr. McMahon has been doing all he can so that one of the main face of WWE SmackDown will stay. Well may be he should give the WWE Heavyweight belt to him on this sunday Extreme Rules PPV. Jeff, further added that we shouldn’t really believe all the crap we’ve read about him and that there is a very good chance of him re-signing with WWE. I believe you Jeff, completely. Not because i already bought a very expensive patron seat tickets  when SmackDown comes live here in Manila on July 10, but i believe you because you say it…  (If you want the complete interview of Jeff over at 94.9 and what he expects on this sunday PPV go to

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