Jeff Hardy is the WWE Heavyweight Champion For 4 Minutes

Posted: June 8, 2009 in Wrestling
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In what could have been the greatest B.S. WWE has pulled off, Jeff Hardy won the WWE Heavyweight Champions Belt from Edge in an exciting and extreme Ladder match but only for 4 minutes… The following is what took place between the two WWE Superstar in a match that only them could give justice to.  Fight Game Blog says:

“Jeff Hardy vs. Edge

These guys are so over and have such good matches that they don’t have to kill themselves to have a great match here. But they killed themselves anyway.

Hardy dropped Edge on the ladder which was standing upside down and Edge took some hinges in the gut. Hardy went up a very high ladder and tipped it over towards the title (why he didn’t just set it underneath the title, I’m not sure) and hung on to the thing that holds the belt. He then had to fall down.

Hardy also hit a whisper in the wind from halfway up the very tall ladder.

They both went through a ladder and onto the floor. I don’t think the ladder broke their fall all that much.

Both up on ladders and Edge went for the spear and Hardy turned it into the twist of fate. These dudes are crazy.

Hardy pulled Edge through one of the rungs and Edge was stuck. Hardy then grabbed the belt. What a great match that was. Maybe the best I’ve seen this year. Yes, I know we had Taker and HBK at Mania. But I had a few issues with that match. They are probably one and two for me this year.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

But wait, wait there’s more… And yeah i really hate CM Punk. After Jeff won the belt CM Punk’s music plays and he runs out. Punk is cashing in his title shot opportunity. The referee tells him this match is for the title. Punk picks Hardy up and hits GTS. Hardy kicks out at two! Hardy kicks out at two off a roll-up. Punk kicks Hardy in the face and lands Go to Sleep again. Cover and a three count.

Winner & new World Heavyweight Champion – CM Punk

CM Punk is so hateful right now and of course, the WWE Creatives. WTF are they thinking. Didn’t they hear the loudest cheer when Jeff finally got the belt and won it. Is that the only way for CM Punk to really win, i know he is “clean” by WWE definition of clean living but to always push him in that manner is quite disgusting. He is so not deserving of the title. I just wish that the opportunistic Edge got his title back and that would be more credible for me. Hello, wrestling may be predetermined but they should listen to what the fans really want once and for all. WWE and McMahon is so hateful…

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