Real Doctors To Check on Cristiano Ronaldo

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Rumors, Soccer/Football
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Oooh. This is getting serious. Are we finally near the £75 million transfer? Cristiano Ronaldo, who by the way is in LA right now before heading off to Miami next week will be checked by doctors sent by Real Madrid to assess the hernia-related injury he’s supposedly suffering which puts him out of commission from the Portugal squad. Bummer, i thought it was just an excuse for him to go traipsing around the hottest vacation hot spot in the US. It seems that the hernia injury of CR7 is not really serious and does not require surgery as it was just a result of a 59 match season, according to El Mundo Deportivo. See, i’m right. CR7 just wanted to party and be far away for the moment since transfer talks about him is getting real as each day passes. If  The Daily Mail is to be believe, it seems there are really a pre-contract agreement for our dear CR7 and Real Madrid has to make it good before June 30. Wow if that happens, two Real players will be receiving about £200,000 a week. CR7 or CR9 and Kaka. Florentino Perez is really serious in setting up his Fantasy XI Real Madrid version. I think this delusion of grandeur on the part of Perez will backfire on him, too many good players in one team? Isn’t that like “too many cook spoiling the broth?” theory. I’m just saying.

cristiano ronaldoLucky and Happy Cristiano Ronaldo

photo credit: DailyMail

  1. mariannabelle says:

    You make a very good point, he just wanted to party about being the most expensive player in history. I think him and kaka might actuallybe able to [l[ay well but i can see them arguing over who should take the free kicks! Perez needs to realise that Madrid’s defense is still very weak and needs to be fix they want to win games. regeardless of kaka and ronaldo.

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