Fernando Torres’ Baby is a Girl!

Posted: June 11, 2009 in Rumors, Soccer/Football
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Nope, Mrs. Fernando Torres hasn’t given birth yet but the hush-detail-sex-identity of their baby has been blurted out by Nando’s former Atletico Madrid prez Enrique Cerezo much to the couple’s chagrin. But the information has slipped out and we Torres’ fans are just happy with the news. No wonder Olalla has a certain glow about her, the-kind-of-awesome-beauty one exudes if your baby is going to be a girl. Congrats you two… We dearlyy await for the arrival of Baby Torres.

baby torres

photo credit: thanks for the photo: http://yfrog.com/dywb200902080158401qutg4uug2j

  1. Wow. Fernando Torres baby is very beautiful and cute. How old is she?

    • imadivaprincess says:

      actually nando’s wife have not given birth yet, the picture i posted was from http://www.makemebabies.com where you can upload a picture of you or the guy/girl you’re with and they will be able to give you a picture of the baby you might have.

  2. jamieboylex says:

    your to fitt&&young to ba a dad yet,
    and she noy evan pretty enough to be with you,
    itll over take your carrer x

  3. kayleigh says:

    wow hes so fit and shes pretty 2 they are cute 2gether nd a wonder wot hes baby girl does really look like a hope shes a pretty as her name is a love the name nora its cute lol their a sweet family x p.s Ei nino is the best player and the fitest lol x

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